Aba Residents Sends SOS To Gov Ikpeazu Over Port Harcourt Road


When Governor of Abia state, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu visited Port Harcourt road on 13th, February 2017 to inspect the condition of that road, after seeing the terrible state the road was in, he made a promised that in the next four (4) weeks that the road will be motorable.

Port Harcourt Road Aba
Aba Residents Sends SOS To Gov Ikpeazu Over Port Harcourt Road

But just like all his promises which usually ends up not being fulfilled, it is therefore not surprising that till date nothing has been done to palliate the condition of the road.

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Just the first 2 rainfall that took place on Sunday afternoon & Tuesday night that road has become a death trap.

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People now had to trek from #1 Port Harcourt road to fly over junction and properties are being destroyed daily due to flooding.

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Hollywood junction, Uratta junction, Crystal park beside National high school and 38 Port Harcourt roads are no longer accessible and the residents now had to swim on the flood to get to their houses.

The residents are appealing to the State Governor to wake up to his duties and keep his promises by facilitating the urgent reconstruction of that road as the residents are facing serious suffering, hardship and sickness due to the condition of the road.

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Credit: Abia Breaking News


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