2019: ‘Why I joined UPP rejects APC, PDP – Udo Ahaiwe

  • By Udo Ahaiwe

This Friday I’ll mark my 35th Birthday.
I want to use the opportunity of my 35th Birthday to announce my intention to run for the office of the Governor of Abia State in 2019 on the platform of United Progressive Party (UPP).

Udo Ahaiwe

I had been offered to join the big parties especially APC and PDP but I declined the offers because the big parties have no success record of visionary political leadership. Moreover, their burden of obligations will not allow me to move as fast as I would like to.

I choose UPP because victory does not come from a party but from God. I want to help build UPP up as we did APGA prior to 2015 election. We’ll build UPP to become a formidable political party that will inspire the new beginning in politics.

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  • If it’s the vision to lead.
  • If it’s the resourcefulness to create, to innovate and to execute inspiring solutions to our socio-economic challenges.
  • If it’s the courage and boldness to dare our challenges and limitations and overcome them.
  • If it’s the strength of character to be independent, confident, focused and consistent.
  • If it’s firm belief in the possibility of our possibilities.
  • If it’s the fear of God that makes grace available for exploit.
  • Then it’s me. This is who I am.
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It is estimated that over 85% of our adult population are not registered with any political party yet everyday we not only discuss politics but politics shape our lives. How can we engineer the society of our dreams if we don’t get involved at the party level?

I extend my hand of fellowship and welcome to you and I ask you to join me in UPP let’s clean this place up.

To you who have carried too many ‘political bags’ as errand boy for the big politicians without any hope of your own political future, I offer you a place in UPP to be your own master and decide your own political future.

To you who want to get involved in politics but are appalled that politics is evil and dirty, I offer you a place in UPP to be part of building a pure, good and inspiring political system that will usher in a great revival in politics and political leadership all over the world.

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To you visionary young man or woman who is passionate about making a resounding impact in the society but are denied the opportunity to do so because you have not accumulated so much wealth, I offer you a place in UPP to make your dreams come true without soiling or staining your hands in any way and without bowing down to worship any man so as to be made.

To you also that don’t like politics but you are praying daily for a better society that radiates the glory of God, I offer you a place in UPP to be in politics without becoming a politician.

To you a graduate of many years without hope of immediate employment and you a business man without capital to launch into business, I offer you a place in UPP so that you can join in discussing and deciding your own future for the actualization of your most cherished dreams and aspirations.

To you Pastor who want to see the will of God done in our political system, I offer you a place in UPP to join hands with us to put an end to the reign of darkness and evil in politics and political leadership.

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To you my friend reading this message, I know you have dreams and I believe your dreams are possible. I offer you a place in UPP to help build a new and inspiring political system that will answer to your dreams and aspirations to the glory of God Almighty.

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Now, arise with me, let’s build this political system for I see the dawn of a great revival in politics that will sweep across every part of the world starting here in Abia State, God’s own State.

If you believe in our possibilities, if you are ready, get in touch with me. We are registering everyone who believe we can achieve this. Inbox me, WhatsApp me on 08099208812

Udo Ahaiwe (Ph.D)



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