War of Words: Obiano bombs Okorocha again (READ)


The war of words between Anambra State governor, Chief Willie Obiano and his counterpart  Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, seems to have taken to another level, as Obiano described style of Okorocha’s governance as “catastrophic and unmitigated disaster.”

Obiano bombs Okorocha again
Chief Willie Obiano

Obiano, who had, on Tuesday, declined to join issues with Okorocha made a U-turn yesterday. The governor said he did so, in order to make the truth known to the public.

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Okorocha had, on Tuesday, said three South East governors would defect to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and described Obiano’s response to his earlier statement as an act of irresponsibility and motor park language unexpected from a governor. He also said Obiano was not his match in terms of achievement and good governance.

But, in a statement signed by his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Strategic Communication and Legislative Matters, Prince Oliver Okpala, Obiano said, “Okorocha should key into President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption fight and do so sincerely. His governance of Imo State has been a catastrophic and unmitigated disaster and he should, therefore, be told so.

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“He should strive to work hard so that the good people of Imo would also love him just as Anambra people are in love with Governor Obiano because of his sincere and people centred style of governance. This is our candid opinion.”

Describing Okorocha’s claim that Obiano had taken Anambra State several kilometres backward as laughable, he replied: “When serious governors like Obiano are talking, the likes of Okorocha should keep quiet. This is a governor who has failed woefully to pay workers’ salaries. He is also heavily indebted to even pensioners who spent their youth and strength to labour for the state. In their old age, Okorocha’s government has abandoned them at this most critical time that they need the state. What abomination!

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“While claiming noble antecedent, Okorocha questioned Obiano’s antecedent before he became governor. What insolence and tomfoolery. The world knows  Obiano’s antecedent as an accomplished banker of repute and a great juggernaut in the finance industry. But, the same cannot be said of Okorocha as Nigerians truly know him for the wrong reasons.

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“They know him as a rabble rouser, who claimed to be a politician and flew the tricky kite of contesting for the presidency just to corner some change into his pockets and the records are there for everyone to see.

“Okorocha’s claim that there is a general impression that Obiano is ‘an aggressive governor who should have done better as a militant than as a governor is laughable and it is clear to Nigerians who really is a “motor park” personality between them.

“Indeed, Okorocha “is an example of what a leader should not be.” Who is he to teach the virtues of leadership, ideas and service to governor Obiano? He talks of ideas when he cannot pay workers salaries and now tries to intimidate Imo retirees to forfeit 60 per cent of the arrears of their sweat. Are those the kind of ideas we need at this critical time? Those are destructive ideas that cannot bring about constructive ends.

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Okorocha, through his media aide, had said his claim was a healthy one, expected to provoke sound debates.

‘‘Governors with ideas and the right exposure gave their polite reactions, but the one without ideas (Obiano) took to insults. Only men with nothing to offer in terms of ideas take delight in insulting others. Men of ideas do not insult others.”

He, therefore, challenged  Governor Obiano to make public his  achievements as a governor in the last four years as he is not his match in the provision of dividends of democracy .

“Leadership is all about ideas and service. Luckily, Obiano has been governor for almost four years while Okorocha has also been governor for five years now. Let Obiano publish his achievements in Anambra State even with high IGR, and let Governor Okorocha also publish his achievements in Imo. Then, we take off from there.”


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