Ikpeazu Received Award as Best Governor on Security matters, While Criminals Are Terrorizing Aba


Few days ago, the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu received an award as the best Governor in Security Matters, but it seems not the appropriate time to give such prestigious award to a governor which his state is still being terrorized by hoodlums.

Ikpeazu Received Best Governor In Security, While Criminals Are Terrorizing Aba
Ikpeazu Received Best Governor In Security

Aba is currently experiencing insecurity, multiple taxation, touts and lots of other security issues that supposed to have been fixed by the state government before going out for an award which he does not merit.

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Despite that, there are Military checkpoints in every corner of the streets of Aba, Police patrol some major streets, but it does not stop the hoodlums from carrying out their duties, which means residents of Aba are living in fear over insecurities.

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Today, Aba experienced another shocking news, when unknown gunmen shot dead three Bakassi (Vigilante) boys in broad daylight along Aba Owerri road, Aba.

The lifeless body of the Vigilante men

The incident which took place before MCC Junction, opposite Seven Day Adventist Church (Sabbath) by Toonak claimed the life of three vigilante men, while two of them have been admitted to the Abia State Teaching Hospital for treatment.

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According to reports, the vigilante group disrupted the gunmen operation, where they attempted to kidnapped a wealthy businessman by Tonimas, opposite Bicoz Filling Station, along Enugu/Port Hacourt express way.

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Irked by the action of the Vigilante group, the hoodlum went on a rampage by tracing the Hilux of the vigilante men, while reaching at the spot where the incident happened, they took the vigilante men unaware, open fire on them, killed three, while two of them survived, but currently admitted to the Teaching Hospital in Aba.

This latest incident proves that there is no security in Aba, the government need to sit up.

Meanwhile, their body has been deposited to St. Francis Mortuary, located along Aba Owerri Road.


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