Igbo Presidency: Don’t take Obasanjo’s words seriously – Fayose tell Igbos


Ekiti state Governor and PDP Governors’ Forum chairman, Ayo Fayose has said that Obasanjo’s call for Igbo presidency in 2019 cannot be relied upon, as he urged Ndigbo not to take the former President words seriously.

Igbo Presidency: Don’t take Obasanjo’s words seriously - Fayose tell Igbos
Governor Ayodele Fayose

Fayose stated this in an interview with The Sun, following a statement made by the former head of states, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, that Igbos’ should go Presidency in 2019.

Responding to the suggestion, Fayose said Obasanjo made the statement just to remain noticed, because by his nature, Obasanjo wants relevance at all times.

The governor said; “Obasanjo wants relevance at all times. I don’t take him seriously. We have worked with him and used to be his foot soldiers. I know him more than anybody in this country. He just talks, so that he would remain relevant.

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“Do you see any other former President in the country running his mouth like his? If it is not the fact that he has a voice as a former head of state, where is Obasanjo’s constituency? Who are his followers? How many votes can Obasanjo win in his ward? We must say the truth and we must face the truth.

“Let’s give it to him, as a leader in this country, whoever has governed this country before would remain our leader, but he must equally recall and admit that he is becoming more fairly negative than working towards national building.

In the issues of South-east political elites who dumped PDP for APC, Fayose said they are looking for snail in the heat of January and February in a Sahara desert. That If they are not careful they will meet snakes on the way.

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He said; Running from APC to PDP or PDP to APC, and particularly from PDP to APC because APC is in power, shows that most people don’t have principles. Some might come out and tell you that it is because our party has issues, have you seen a party without issues? So, the bottom line is that our democracy is still not based on ideology.

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Most of the people who have criticized the APC’s mismanagement, misrule would now go and dine with them again and protect what you don’t believe in because you just want to be relevant at all cost.  Certainly, I can’t be party to that. But good luck to them, in life, they say time is of the essence and time will catch up with everybody. But you see, if you are patient in life, you would discover that what goes round comes round.

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It is a matter of time and when the table turns where would they then run to? Will they run back? I remember when a lady senator who had a re-run and was supposed to wait for her re-run in PDP, left her own platform and went to the APC. The APC played her into coming and denied her of that ticket.

You see, when you are too desperate and you are looking for manna at all cost, looking for snail in the heat of January and February in a Sahara desert. If you are not careful you meet snakes on the way.


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