I want to inspire someone |- By Obinna Uche Uzoije


I was analyzing some things with a good friend and we stumbled on the gallops of very indigent facets of our psyche in this part of the world. I mean Africa.

Obinna Uche Uzoije

Nigeria, the place I come from, happens to house the wealthiest man in Africa. Alikor Dangote, net worth – 13 billion dollars or if I’m not erroneously rounding it off, it should be 12.2 billion dollars according to Forbes. Dangote has factories scattered in the continent, trucks, and infact, holds the biggest sway in the Nigerian economy, even beyond. This is public knowledge, I know.

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We use an application here mostly, to send love/hate texts, broadcast messages – where we coerce people to extend to a given number of other people within a given time, we use it for ponzie schemes too and we call it Whatsapp.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, a young man below 30, concluded the purchase of this Whatsapp and it cost him 22 billion dollars. You may take a second and rake the point through this paragraph. An application is worth more than the wealthiest man in Africa? An old man’s sweat all his years is not upto the amount of a soulless app? Whatsapplication?

Now the question is, why spend that much just to buy an application? Why not focus on your Facebook and keep improving upon it? Whatsapp may never make him the richest man in the world, but why buy it?

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Coming back home, fact is, about 99% of Nigerians don’t know how money is made from Whatsapp. We just know how to retail for Dangote, go to viewing centers, nkwobi joints, baba ijebu, night clubs, name them…
Our women are obsessed with weddings more than marriages. To go, live with one man and get children, then post photos of your rich husbands’ house on Facebook or display ports of Whatsapp. Our society is haunted by religion that tells them not to create things like God and better humanity, bring up artificial ways of sapping little incomes people garner and repeat the whole process.

Our politicians will not create incubation centers of ideas for us, they just keep amassing wealth in asininity. The cooperate world here wouldn’t want to make ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ programs for science and technology. Big brother naija cannot be for the best inventor to win 5 million naira but the man that sucks breast very well goes with 25 million. These and more amount to the woebegone facets of our psyche.

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Today, I may not want to tell someone to create something new and helpful. It should be a job for reverends and pastors because it is written ‘Greater works than these shall you do’ , but I want to inspire someone to invest in something that betters humanity.

Investment is the culture of a man with a clear mind and dedication. It is innovative to invest. I’ve said in an article I wrote that 9 out of 10 businesses springing up will fail if proper investment doesn’t come into the equation. People come around and say of their good ideas and you nod ‘nice one’ , having the withal to invest, you leave the person to go to another person that might just do the same thing. Growth never comes out of such culture.

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Sometime ago, a group of investors had to pour funds into this Facebook that we use to make noise today and see how many people Facebook have actively and passively employed, millions. Same thing with Microsoft. Same with these fashion lines we see, these airways we fly and these branded foods we consume.

I’ve had a dim vision of a symposium I’ve been wanting to bring to fruition. I called it Investopreneurship. I looked at bringing together well meaning philanthropists and attracting that boy that makes boxer shots at Ariria market, that girl that makes perfumes, that techie that designed the next rated app, that craftsman that designed and/or invented a utility machine, that person that can come out and sway these investors into investing, showing them statistics – market analysis, population, demographics and speak the English or the Igbo! Receive investment and stakeholders here and there.

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We have the ideas but we don’t have the investors and that’s a near debacle. You can embellish upon this idea and run it, I don’t see a reason to lock it up in my head. Or you can, better still, synergize with me and we build it.

We should have more innovations fly like hotels.ng . We can’t if we are too lazy to invest.

I want to inspire you today, invest. Even if the person is producing Shawama, invest. It makes the person more streetwise and proactive because he/she will create more demand and contacts in a bid to make profits for self and contemporaneously, returns for the investors.

Humanity is our common denominator.

By Obinna Uche Uzoije


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