ENUGU : Woman gives birth to a baby girl, in a Neighbor’s car


According to the Facebook user, the incident happened 12:58 am around ORBA Road NSUKKA, Enugu State.

 Woman gives birth to a baby girl,  in a Neighbor's car
Woman gives birth to a baby girl, in a Neighbor’s car

Read his account bellow “I was not fast asleep. But I was hearing the first set of gentle knocks on my door in my dreams. Kpam Kpam Kpam Kpam, Daniel o…repeatedly. Later I would deem whoever was knocking that way as unserious.

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How could such knocks wake me up? But I have just slept off an hour before then. So I was woken up immediately the knock got louder. I rushed out, hearing the cries for help.

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She was already in labour—my neighbour.

My God! I saw the baby’s head pushing itself out of my neighbour’s privates. She was fast losing blood, as they kept flowing uncontrollably. As if that was not enough a strange sight for me, I saw that white, long thing they call placenta. Damn it! That was actually when the baby had completely come out. Chai. Poor child. Crying.

We didn’t know what to do. I was clueless. Her friend—a young lady—was clueless too.

There was no other neighbour available. And it was already 01:05 am. But that my neighbour, ba? She was a strong woman.

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She kept reassuring her panic-stricken friend to stop shouting, re affirming that she’d be fine. She was even the one that suggested we go to a nearby hospital. Olodo like me, I couldn’t even think of any meaningful thing to do. My head was full.

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But she was strong. We carried her down to my car, carrying the baby alongside, careful not to draw the placenta too apart from her.

Chai. Blood. She lost a lot of blood. I gently drove us to a nearby hospital.

The staff responded quickly. The placenta was cut while she was still in the car. The baby survived. The mother survived too.

I went back home later and got them some clothes, and tea, milk, bread and hot water for the mother.”

Well done to the good neighbor. God will enrich and bless you above your equals.


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