Dr. Sandra Duru and Mrs. Edith Ayiya Chiedu Modebe fight as a case study


Most of our Nigerian ladies in diaspora have done a lot of unthinkable, abominable and peak criminal sorts for power, wealth, riches and fun. Dr. Sandra Duru is a decent married woman from Imo State who happened to be a victim of Edith Modebe’s net in America.

Dr. Sandra Duru and Mrs. Edith Ayiya Chiedu Modebe

Edith Ayiya Chiedu has been tagged an unrepentant criminal after being defeated by defendant Dr. Sandra Duru in a trial court of Massachusetts District Court Department.

Edith Modebe is still in court on three criminal charges against her by the American government for (1) assaulting a pregnant woman, Dr. Sandra Duru sometime in May, 2016, (2) for defrauding the government of Massachusetts and other related crimes discovered in the course of the thorough investigations.

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It is gathered that in the course to cover up her mess and to damage Dr. Sandra Duru’s image and reputation, she sponsored a damaging publication in naijagists.com with so much lies. Maturity of Americans shines because they do not believe in blackmail and lies.

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Most of Nigerian journalists are not helping matters; some collaborate with criminals in carrying out dirty sorts (naijagists.com/naijalive/Edith Ayiya Chiedu Modebe). I am calling on the minister of information, inspector general of police and attorney general to investigate the criminal collaboration of naijagists.com/naijalive and Edith Ayiya Chiedu).

Alert! This Edith Ayiya offers pregnant women free accommodation in her place in America and scams them. She offers to help them with their medical health insurance plans; she introduces them to “fake” health insurance companies while they are still in Nigeria.

The hard copy of the Judgement

Some that eventually come over to her place in America will be manipulated and enslaved. Any of her victims that do not concur to her credo will be in trouble. She will blackmail them to get their visas revoked, some lose their jobs, some get deported, some get blacklisted from entering America and she goes on to use their new born baby’s social security numbers for other related crimes as discovered by the investigators.

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She makes money out of the American government’s free healthcare system, and other related welfare programs and packages from novice and new comers. She got herself fired on both legs when she sued Sandra Duru for small claims not minding the fact that she defrauded the innocent lady over $15000 fifteen thousand dollars, yet lied against her on naijagists.com.

The court judgment dated 19th January, 2017 was in Sandra Duru’s favour, ruling attached, will not say much about the ongoing court cases against her for now until the judgments are issued.
People should be careful with this Edith Ayiya Chiedu and her associates.

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Because some of her evil deeds have been uncovered, she changed her social media username on facebook from Edith Ayiya Chiedu to Edyth Edyth Edyth. What a woman. Nigerian ladies in diaspora should be careful in their dealings.

Barr. Star Okoli


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