Change Begins With Me |- By Chief Emeka C. Kalu


If there are no citizens, there won’t be leaders. The blame for the current challenges Nigerians are passing through today can also be trace to you and I the citizens.

Chief Emeka C. Kalu 

The blame shouldn’t be on President Buhari alone, Former Presidents Jonathan and Obasanjo, and definitely not even General Sani Abacha. Though, your opinion might be different for mine.

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Our desperation for wealth stinks to high heavens, as we go about our daily lives pulling down everyone and everything just to become rich. We import substandard products, from fake drugs to expired foods dangerous for human consumption.

We engage ourselves in drug trafficking, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and Oil bunkering etc. We even steal foodstuffs meant for Widows, Orphans and refugees, and sell them for profits. We’ve all lost our conscience, nothing is sacred, no one is spared in our problems.

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We build substandard roads, schools, houses, hospitals, all for profit at the expense of human lives; an invaluable item which all our profit making and contract sums cannot buy.

One would think this behaviour is reserved for urchins, but it will surprise you that this is the character of many decent looking people who appear to be normal, but are not better than boko haram members.

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The culprits are you and I, christians, muslims, husbands, wives and sadly youths too. Sadly, the youths are not even different from the so called “elites” who steal with impunity and float their ill gotten riches all over the world.

We pervert justice and pretend we don’t know what is right from what is wrong, just to serve our selfish interests. So much hatred flows in our blood and we transfer it to our children.

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It’s evident in what we say and do.
We have become so religious with our self made problems. We must look inward to resolve our challenges. Anyone who can’t love, has no business in politics, be it a President, Minister, a Legislature or a party leader.

I read about the comments made by our legislatures and checking the background of some of our so called Honourable members and Senators, you’ll weep for our dear country.

Why are you surprised to see the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria being more concerned about the Controller General of Customs not wearing uniform rather than his performance in office. These are people we hail in our dear country, Nigeria.

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What kind of people are we? We are so docile to the detriment of anything that is good for our well being and when we decide to protest, we do it for the wrong reasons. Until we understand that we are our own problem, we will continue on this path of destruction.

My dear brothers and sisters, I can Change, You can Change, They can Change and We can all change by Sharing and Spreading this message.

Change begins with Me.

That’s the FACT…..Be Positive about Nigeria.

Together we can! Chief Dr Emeka Charles Kalu


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