Abia Youths Calls On Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu to run for 2019 Guber bid


By Jeff Uwakwe

For over two years now, we the Abians have seen how far the present administration of Ikpeazu led government has gone, and where they have failed woefully.

Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu
Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu

Ikpeazu as a governor wants to show that he will work and definitely change history in Abia, since the last eight years of Chief Theodore Ahamefula Orji has failed the state by the aspect of Infrastructural development, and the welfare of the people of the state, but no one can give what he/she don’t have.

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We remember vividly while Ikpeazu was campaigning for the Abia State governorship position in 2015, he made a promise to pay every civil servants in the state on the 24th of every month, his followers applauded him, while the people that have the good intention to rebuild Abia, were busy telling the people how they will transform the state into a better economic hub, as Aba, the commercial city in Abia State is the centre for Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Ikpeazu on a radio interview back in 2015 promised to pay every civil servants on the 24th every month, He also said; ‘I will start where my predecessor stopped’

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Abians think that the second statement was a joke, but now it’s manifesting.

The Abia workers are being owed, The Abia State Polytechnic is currently on strike over none payment of its staff, the Abia State teaching Hospital is still on strike over unpaid salaries.

Recently, the Abia State Chief of Staff was impeached, which he later broke the silence by telling the public that he was impeached because he refused to share the state funds with his colleagues.

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Despite funds received by the present government, Ikpeazu led administration is still owing the civil servants, some were owed 7 months, some 11 months while some still haven’t received theirs for over 6 months now.

We will not forget in a hurry that Abia recently received a parish club funds, money which was released by the federal government to state government to clear the salary backlogs, other states did pay their workers, while Abia is still owing her workers.

Here is an article written by Sir. Udo Ahaiwe, where he analyzed that the Abia State government are making a whopping Six Million Naira only on Keke Napep (Tricycle) daily.

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Despite loan and other funds received by this present government, including the internal revenue generated in the state, Abia still owe her workers salaries’ without remorse.

This is pathetic and absorb, Abia state supposed to be at forefront in everything with our resources, but it’s heartbreaking that Abia is still ruled by God fatherism, People who are hell bent to destroy the image of the state.

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Abia needs someone with vision, someone that has already had an establishment, someone who will turn Abia to its past glory.

Abia State, God’s own State needs somebody like Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu, a man with vision, a man that has already established himself. A man that has never failed a promise. A man that has empowered many youths, from business and Technology.

Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu

That’s why the Abia Youths for Good Governance, (AYGG) In a statement signed by the group president, Mr. Jeff Uwakwe, are calling on Chief Emeka Kalu to run for a governorship position in Abia State come 2019.

Chief Emeka Kalu is the man who the cap fit. “If Abians want a successful Abia State, they need somebody who has already become successful in Life”.

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A state that has produced important personalities in the world and Africa, should be led by a philanthropist that understand his people and know where it pinches them.

We are mandating Chief Emeka to go for governorship position in Abia State come 2019, and we all need your support, because is a man of his words.

Abia needs a leader not a ruler, Chief Emeka Kalu is ready to lead Abia to the promised land, we all know that no man is perfect, but some people are created to do things perfectly and well organised.

Chief Emeka Kalu will create Job opportunities, as a businessman, he will assure an enabling environment for the people of Aba being the commercial hub of the state.

We need a man like Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu to lead us, let’s break this jinx that has been holding us down, Abia needs to move forward.

Together we can!

Mr. Uwakwe Jeff
President of Abia Youth Movement for Good Governance.


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