Abia: Ikpeazu’s Noise On Promotional Of Made-In-Aba Goods – By Udo Ahaiwe


Abia State has been playing host to a number of key federal events in recent times including the flag off of MSME clinic by the acting President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo.

Udo Ahaiwe
Sir Udo Ahaiwe

I was looking forward to the prospects of positive development these events will bring to our state until I read a statement credited to Dr Ikpeazu at the yesterday’s Town Hall /state launch of the Federal government’s ‘Change begins with me’ programme with the Information Minister.

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Dr Ikpeazu according to his Media Aid Onyebuchi Ememanka yesterday asked the Honourable Minister to release the seized imported Chinese tyres to Abia State rather than burn them.

‘Let them bring those tyres to Aba and our boys at Port Harcourt Road will use them to produce several items like fan belt, conveyor belts, etc which can be sold at good prices’. – Dr Okezie Ikpeazu

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After I read this statement I realized that it has all been politics as usual. What has the state government done with the hundreds of thousands of used tyres laying waste in mechanic workshops all across the state? So the government knows about these products from used tyres and that our ‘boys’ can produce these products from them and nothing is done to get them to work?

Just last week, fire gutted a mechanic workshop along MCC Road in Abayi Aba and hundreds of used tyres went up into flames. If the statement credited to Dr Ikpeazu is true, then it is cheap and unfortunate, it is hypocritical as well – why will the government not start with the used tyres in the state first before asking for the ones that were seized? A case of having a log of wood in your eyes and trying to remove the speck in another person’s eyes.

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I have always thought the Governor honest but making such political statement yesterday was a shock to me. Few weeks ago I decided to go to Shoe Plaza in Ariaria Int’l market to buy pair of shoes. I was shocked to see that despite all the noise the state government is making about promoting Made in Aba shoes the people are still making these shoes in the worst pathetic environment and condition – the stalls have no space, no electricity, no ventilation, no industrial equipments. Sometimes they strap touchlight on their fore head just to see. Hundreds of stoves producing thick soothe making every where feel choking. Yet the government receives funds to inject into that market.

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We need a new beginning that will allow us to be developmentally correct rather than being politically correct. Since Dr Ikpeazu has raised the matter, let the government buy off all the used tyres in the state and turn it over to these our ‘boys’ so that they can begin work. Then when we have shown the Federal government what we produced with what we have they can think of giving us the ones they seized.

My name is Udo Ahaiwe. I am committed to the New Beginning that will usher us into Abia State of possibilities come 2019.

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