VIDEO: Oppression Of Ndigbo By Nigerian Govt. Have Started A Long Way


A combined history video to educate the Igbos has emerged, the video does not contain any hate speech, rather, it’s completely facts, about how the Hausa Fulani’s in collaboration with the Yoruba’s dragged the Eastern part of the country to mold even created a division by calling the Ijaws South South, while there was nothing like South-East and South-South then, but only the East, which made up of Ijaw, Ibibio, Igbo, etc.

Ndigbo has been very industrious, even before and after the war, they have the heart of forgiveness, and does hold back hatred, or killing people for power.

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The truth is Ndigbo played a major role in keeping the Nigeria as one, but that hasn’t changed the fact that they are the most hated tribe in the country called Nigeria.

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No wonder 80% of the people originated from Igbos want to secede, even after years of the civil war.

The video you are about to watch has all the details inside, of how Hausa Fulani’s in collaboration with the Yoruba’s turned Ndigbo to minority instead of seeing everyone equally as they claimed.


Download the video here


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