The New City called Ebonyi state |- By Philip Nweze


Powerful, majestic, stunning and awe-inspiring are just some of the words you could use to describe the iconic beauty and
architectural transformation of the new Ebonyi state. The network of beauty woven around the state has taken another master touch. A whole new exciting experience is in town for fun seekers, whether visitors or residents, with the construction of water fountains by the wonder working Chief executive of the state, Engr David Umahi.

The New City called Ebonyi state

The cascade of fresh water rising up and plunging down in a picturesque fashion at major roundabouts across the state leaves every one who beholds the transformation transfixed in awe. Add it to the infrastructural and architectural wonder already in place and you have a recipe for world class beauty. The concept of water fountains which is the first of its kind bear testimony to the new Ebonyi state.

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The soft tunes that ooze out of d gushing water tend to temporarily tone down your worries and cheer you up. It is like music to the soul. At night, the water fronts spruce up with colours and popping lights which continues to draw attention and send greetings to passers-by nailed to the spot by its allure. The fountain seduces the on-looker on first sight like the proverbial water goddess, letting them bask in the euphoria of its charm in long forgetful moments of admiration. The water fountains flourish with different kinds of photo shoots by fun seekers who want to capture its uniqueness with them forever in celebration of the legacy project.

The New City called Ebonyi state
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This is indeed a welcome development for a state that was once the subject of ridicule and taunting by  every lip. Every Ebonyian is now proud to be associated with the state. Those in diaspora are itching to come home to have a taste of the sweet flavour of development being dished out by the political master chef, Chief Engr David Nweze Umahi. There is no impossibility with a leader like Umahi whose pre-occupation is to see all Ebonyian live a better life.

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Amidst scarce resources and dwindling economy coupled with Ebonyi’s low revenue generation profile one cannot help but give credit to the Governor for exploiting his managerial sagacity, leadership acumen, his exposure and thirst for excellence to brighten the ambience of the capital city. A legacy is being set. Standards are being established. Governor Umahi is blazing the trail in the era of change.

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The New City called Ebonyi state

The challenges are enormous but his determination and drive overwhelms them all. With these manifestations, one needs no prophet to tell Ebonyi people that God has finally answered their prayers for a governor with the right mindset and vision. Leadership is being redefined and governance given a new face.

Ebonyians, the change we desired and prayed for is here. Governor Umahi means business. Let our collective commitment to this
change be unquestionable. We are all crucial stakeholders in this quest to rebuild Ebonyi state and make it the true salt of the Nigerian nation.


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