Opinion: Talk about it |- By Obinna Uche Uzoije


If I have tagged you herewith and/or you read this, my purpose is a proposition. A business arrangement of sorts.

Obinna Uche Uzoije

Our opportunities to do great things are our talents. Most of us saw an opportunity to be heard and took advantage of it by writing for people to read. Speaking for people to hear and now, unforseen delightful ears, in perpetuity, are waiting to hear.

But what do we talk about?

Analyzing the trend, I took notes. News in places like Kano, Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Calabar, Rivers, etc, go viral by the second. Not because they go on the newspapers, or on the television (not a lot of people hang around TV screens these days), it is just that most people that come from these places feel concerned and they use the closest medium to reach the eyes of the commoners – the internet.

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They don’t necessarily use this media to readily change people but trust me, people are not informed. People read everyday and get informed little by little.

Abia state is our state. Our benighted state. Fragranced with political dark shadows. The shadow over this state requires more light than either of us can provide alone. In whichever capacity, we should improve upon how people hear about the things that happen here because media is our chiefest predicament.

The media here doesn’t say anything, they don’t find out anything, and infact, when it comes to lies and subterfuge, I defer to their expert endowments. We have to shot our ears to their sounds of sycophancy because the news they provide is like a poisoned water supply that we all drink from.

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We have to be our own media – have a unanimous outcry. Make our state known. Discover things. The politics here is this local because the politicians know that we the youths don’t care. Presently, the government had the effrontery to set up a billboard at a location as public as Brass junction in Aba, congratulating herself for constructing 32 roads, 3 bridges and so on, why? They know you won’t flinch. You’ll see it and pass.

In the Canada recently, the federal minister of health was all over the internet for improper spending because she raked up 3,700 dollars for 20 trips and those were official trips. Your governor goes to a memorial service and gives millions of naira, but we are in 2017 and last month being December 2016, civil servants received a cross cheque for JULY salary. I’m not sure they’ve gotten the bank alerts now.

Your mother is a civil servant. What do you talk about?

Must we not hold all our citizens, both commoner and the sons of privilege, to the same standard?
When they cheat, must they not be pilloried? When they steal must they not be whipped?

People and politics of the Magic Fm will never say anything. BCA, you’ve got to be joking. If that church that collapsed in Akwa Ibom collapsed in Abia state and it had to do with the government, you won’t even see pictures. The same IPOB people shout about were massacred in Aba at National High
School, did you see anything?

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Justice never comes knocking on your door, you take it. Speak up and rail! Bad eggs cretinuos malus will say you’re becoming a political czar over some 1,000 naira recharge card, but still speak up still. You may think eyes don’t see and people don’t learn but I tell you, they do. That you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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I propose a circle. A circle because it has no sides. A togetherness that speaks for the good of that woman that sells úgú at Omuma where the road is homicidal, contemplating on how handicapped people commute the undulating topography and measuring our civilization. Then, constructively, criticizing. Killing mediocrity and being obsessed with its casualties like they’re gorgeous when they die.

A little child in your street knows that with your 500 naira bribe he can vote you and these children are gradually signing up on Facebook. When they add us up, we feed them with more of trivial things than things they should know. We need a re-armament. Voter-education forums should come to be. Let people know how much the state’s allocation is and how it is used or supposed to be used. Internally Generated Revenue and many other facets of the state’s finance. Let them know why the commisioner for works is a journalist and so on.

Don’t dance in sycophancy. People are watching you. They’ll join and nothing will be better. Even if your uncle is the governor, you’ll make more sense when you stand out of all your relatives that are bowing at and kissing his feet. Remember no one will tie your shoes. If you become governor tomorrow, the people you dance to their idiocy today will be your parasitic godfathers and we still go back to status quo.

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This business of speaking up has innumerable profits. An overflow of parcels. It makes you believe you can write to the dead and they live again. Perhaps, it makes people hope the days of fine days are not tragically behind us. Letting people know the truth is the first move to ending the scourge the blights this state. We have no media and it is cancerous.

Share my panic and grasp the stakes. Don’t say you don’t want to die. If you’re thinking we have a standard of living here, I’ll leave you with two words – travel and see. If you afraid to die, you are afraid to live. God didn’t send us to earth just for us to make it back to heaven. Get involved! Impact someone!

If you’ve been saying something in any capacity, I give you kudos. Keep at it. If otherwise, I implore you to talk about it. Let people discuss it and rethink. Other states are light years away from us.

Nobody sees our case as worthwhile and you know that. This mysterious malady that’s been inexplicable for years now has a simple physic that I concocted – media. Talk about it. We have a number of options beyond nothing and the first is to say what is happening.

Let it be a topic again. This year, I will talk about it.
Talk about it.

Ndewo nu ndi k’anyi.


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