Rochas Okorocha must pay us our 77 months unpaid bills Imo pensioners


The Imo state pensioners have gone to the streets of owerri including the government house regarding their unattended bill from 1998 till date.

protesters in streets

It was gathered that the pensioners have not been payed their arrears owed them by the state government since 1998 till date but have decided to pay 40 percent of the accumulated arrears and gratuities and forfeit of 60 percent.

The state chairman,chief Gideon ezeji  says the disagree to the decision of government of Imo state and described the governor to be disrespectfully and treats senior citizens in the state with deplorably.

Meanwhile the Government have replied to their protests saying that the issue of pensioners have been resolved and settled but those protesting in the streets are not pensioners.

In a statement issued by the chief press secretary to the governor it reads in part:
No pensioner in the state was part of that protest. Those involved in the exercise were between the ages of 40-45. And we challenge those involved to prove us wrong by publishing their names, their autonomous communities, local government areas, years of retirement, where they retired from and their identification numbers”.


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