Orji Uzor Kalu: What Ojukwu told me about Biafra before he died


The former governor of Abia State and now a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC , Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu says the actualization of a sovereign state of Biafra out of Nigeria as being conceived by IPOB and others  is not feasible considering the present power dynamics in Nigeria and the global community.

Orji Uzor Kalu - Biafra
Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu

Speaking while fielding questions in a no holds barred interactive media chat with Independent Newspaper Publishers from Owerri who paid him a courtesy call at his Igbere country home recently , the business mogul and Publisher of three national newspapers advised Ndi Igbo  to concentrate on agitating for their fair share of the national cake instead.

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He revealed that the former Biafra leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumeju Ojukwu had told him many years before his demise  that if he were to fight the Biafra cause all over again, he would have handled it differently.

The former governor said “ I have been with the late Ojukwu for many  many years in this house before his death. ” “ Everything we discussed is what I can’t disclose in public but If the leader who pressed through this Biafra , went to contest for senate , went to contest for Nigerian President.

The unity of it, we should be able to define what our Biafra should be. Our Biafra should be good roads, equality in the nation, respect for human rights, atmosphere of respect for the rule of law and not killing people unnecessarily without the rule of law” he said.

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He was emphatic that the idea of creating an independent Biafra state is no longer feasible. Igbos in his view should close their ranks and control the economy of the country. He continued “ I love Igbos more than the young youths, I for one has fought for the Igbos”

On the Presidency of Nigeria, he says the southeast has what it takes to produce Nigerian President and revealed his ambition to contest for the seat while affirming his support for incumbent President Buhari. For him, the greatest thing anybody can do is to give the Igbo the Presidency of Nigeria after Buhari.

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Giving an appraisal of the Nigerian Media, the Sun Publisher said “ The Nigerian media as a whole has been very vibrant as this has made us one of the strongest in Africa” He says he is very proud of the Nigerian media but warned that the media should avoid rumours and publish the facts as it is.


  1. So this is why u joined apc? chai ouk, you are more than this shit and should be ashamed of yourself. instead of u to join the new ohaneze cabinet and fight the Igbo course u are dreaming of becoming a president claiming ojukwu told u Biafra is no longer achievable? wonders shall never end. sorry though!

  2. OUK Nigeria Presidency akwala gi Kay mamiri Siri kwaa okuko.
    You have failed us again.Chaii Orji Uzor when will you ever think Wright and speak selflessly.Any way no time it's over. You can not here one Nigeria by 2019 rather Biafra all the way.


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