Igbo world union says Buhari’s administration best for south-east


A group called the Igbo World Union (IWU) has applauded the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration claiming that it’s the best thing to have happened to the Igbo people.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Speaking at Gburugburu Ndi Igbo III Dum’s compound at Umuajata-Olokoro in Umuahia South local government area of Abia state, during the Ofala festival, Mishak Nnanta, the initiator and founder of Igbo World Union, called on the Igbo people to wake up from their slumber and take their rightful place in the country.

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According to Nigerian Tribune, Nnanta also charged governors from the South-East not to play politics with the development of the region.

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Speaking further, he called on Igbo people to join hands with Nigerian leaders in moving the country forward.

He said: “Igbo are yet to reach their eldorado, even though we are the first son of Nigeria. Our problems is in our hands. We should shun disintegration. We should move and sue for unity. If we insist we want to leave this country, who do we leave Nigeria for?”

On the decline of Igbo culture and language, he noted: “Ethics of good moral conduct and decent dressing have been thrown into the dustbin, only to imbibe foreign cultures of near naked dressing.

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“IWU as a sociocultural organisation upholding and championing the preservation and promotion of Igbo ethics and culture is bent on reversing these negative trends through the revival of our ethics, language, and cultural heritages, so that future generations will have a lingual, ethical and cultural database reference to fall back on,” he said.

He went further to say: “IWU also aims to showcase Ndigbo, her customs, cultural heritage and the Igbo people’s legendary hospitality to the world with a grand view of re-positioning Ndigbo and Nigeria through same by attracting dignitaries and investors from around the globe, thereby opening a whole new vista for Ndigbo and Nigeria.”

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Meanwhile, Abacityblog recalled that the former Abia State Governor, Dr. Orji Kalu has called on the South-East people to embrace the Muhammadu Buhari’s government and give the president a chance to rebuild the region.


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