Igbo Kwenu Honours Dr. Sandra Duru


…Sandra C Duru: More than just a woman

Once in every generation, God always bless a community, race, people or nation with a rare gem. Coming far ahead of their generation, they  come equipped with exceptional qualities, fearless courage, intelligence and above all, gifted with such extraordinary natural resourcefulness that everything they touch turns to gold. 

Dr. Sandra Duru

Such is the story of Dr. Sandra C Duru, a human rights activists per excellence, a philanthropist,a good governance advocate,a social crusader and defender of the oppressed.

We celebrate and honour Sandra Duru today because she is a gift to the Igbo race and this generation. Though her fearless attitude towards life has attracted lots of negative attitudes towards her coupled with blackmail attempts. But, it was in those negatives and standing her ground for the right thing to be done that her real qualities was established. This is one of the qualities why we decided to honour her today and to use her story as a source of encouragement to other upcoming women to drive courage from Dr. Duru and be who they desire to be.

To for instance, In 2014, Dr. Sandra Duru single handedly fought for one Aminu Abrangaou,a teacher and Togolese national whom the Nigerian police molested for taking the picture of policemen who were extorting money from motorist. Chief Sandra Duru on hearing of this injustice took on the Nigerian High Police and ensured the said Aminu Abrangaou was released even at the detriment of her life. This bold and courageous act of hers prevented Nigeria from having a diplomatic row with Togo. Today,the teacher is walking freely thanks to Chief Sandra.

Again, Dr. Sandra Duru,who was a consultant to the Standard Orgamization of Nigeria did not close her eyes to the corrupt practices of the then Director General,Dr. John Ndanusa whose live wired corruption she uncovered. Attempts were made at her life but she remained resolute. If the then government had cooperated with her by now corruption would have been a thing of the past.

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One other inspiring story about Dr. Sandra that must be told is her courageous battle to stop one Edythe Edythe Edythe a serial blackmailer that has blackmailed and got several innocent Nigerians deported from US.

Moving over to US, Dr. Sandra was confronted with this serial blackmailer answering several names who has blackmailed lots of Nigerians on the pretense of helping them. She  played same tricks on her. She normally dupe Nigerians on first time visit to US  of their funds, on pretense of helping them, set them up, report them to the authorities after giving them fake papers and have them deported so that they won’t sue.

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But, this serial blackmailer answering  Edith Ayiya Chiedu Modebe (EDYTH EDYTH EDYTH) meet a brick wall on Sandra as today she’s on the point of going to prison in US.

They went as far as using nijagist.com to publish fake stories about her. They run the blog uncensored, unaccredited, unrecognised, uncertified alongside Naijagistslive/naijagists.com and several other online group which they use in blackmailing prominent Nigerians in the past like Dangote, Sandra Duru etc until the fall in to the trap of Nigerian no nonsense billionaire Otedula and today they are at the point of going to jail in Nigeria, while through Sandra’s courageous stand, the same faith awaits Edyth in US.

Read it…Search for :sunnewsonline/December 31st Saturday spotlight. (See attach pix)
Not minding the fact that they were paid by Edith Ayiya Chiedu Modebe (Edyth Edyth Edyth on facebook) to publish against very damaging publication to tarnish the image in Nigeria, United States of America…all over the world of this lady that fights for justice everywhere, Sandra like is in her character, stood her ground.

Igbo Kwenu Honours Dr. Sandra Duru

When her media manager contacted them to balance the story which they have edited twice, they demanded for a very huge sum of money the Nigerian style. As a result, our lion hearted lady decided to let them swim in their unprofessionalism and cheap blackmail.

For all her courage in standing out and standing forth for what’s right, exhibiting the true courageous spirit of  Igbo daughter in her fight against injustice. We are honouring her to use her as an example to encourage other women to aspire fearlessly.

Therefore, As a fallout of our 2nd Anniversary, after intensive debate and going through her rich accomplishments, Igbo kwenu one of the most interactive online group for Ndi Igbo Worldwide with over 155,000 active members decided to appoints Sandra C Duru Cultural Ambassador And Honours Her As Ada Oma Ndi Igbo Worldwide. The award ceremony will hold later this year in US.

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She is well educated. As she holds a degree in psychology,public relations as well as a Doctorate degree.

With her appointment, Chief Sandra has been authorized to hold Igbo Kwenu and other Igbo related meetings in Northern America, organize cultural exchange programs using her rich resourceful international connections that will entail Igbo Kwenu members visiting US for cultural exchange.

It will be recalled that prior to her relocating to United States,  multitude of youths has benefited from her largese as well as those she has empowered through the youth empowerment programme and grassroot development. She’s today equally running a monthly financial empowerment program on her Facebook wall.

Igbo Kwenu Honours Dr. Sandra Duru

This our Agu Nwanyi was honoured by City Network Entertainment (CNE), UK (Pembroke Road, Erith, London), a well known entertainment body, with the “CNE SOCIAL BENEFACTOR AWARD”, in recognition of immeasurable provision of qualitative care and support to Late Chief MKO Abiola Memorial Lecture, June 12, 2006 at The Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Lagos.

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Awarded the NATURAL WOMAN by the Sister’s circle, Muslim Students Society of Nigeria in recognition of her selfless service and tremendous contributions to pre-adult affairs in Nigeria.

“PHILANTHROPICAL LADY OF OUR TIME” in recognition of her efforts toward ensuring youth development by In Excess Club based in Osun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.

“A LADY OF SUBSTANCE” by Junior Chambers International Nigeria, Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke Chapter, in recognition of immeasurable contributions to social activities of Nigerian students and youth development.

“TODAY’S LEADER” in recognition of selfless efforts towards building and developing lives and diligence, benevolence and positive disposition towards the empowerment of the Girl-Child by Young Girls Foundation, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

* Presented the “THE IRON LADY OF EPITOME” by West African Students Union (WASU) and Dreams Alive in recognition of support to effective education and the youth, her avowed commitment towards the emancipation of Nigeria youths towards the project AAPAO, sustenance of democracy and service to humanity.

* Presented with a Special Merit Award 2001 as a “DISTINGUISHED PERSONALITY OF ALL TIME” by The Students Union Government, University of Lagos (ULSU) in recognition of tremendous contribution to humanity, students welfare and invaluable care for young people.

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* Awarded by the African Youth Congress, “OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL” in recognition of outstanding service to the entire nation, African continent and to the young people all over the world.

* Awarded by the Nigeria Youth Organization, an “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” in recognition and appreciation of meaningful role to Nigerian Youth, Students Social Activities and Academic Up-liftment.

* Presented with a Special Merit Award 2000 as a VIRTUOUS WOMAN by The Students Union Government, University of Lagos (ULSU) in recognition of invaluable support towards building potentials, and care to the young people and student upliftment.

* Presented with an HONOURARY AWARD by the Social/Organising Committee, University of Lagos Students Union 2001 in recognition of your immeasurable contribution towards provision of qualitative care to the youth advancement and the society at large.

* Presented as “BORN SERVANT OF THE YOUTHS” by Zest! Magazine, University of Benin, Edo State in recognition of consistent service to the less-privileged, the needy and to the youths in general.

* Received the COMMUNITY PHILANTHROPIC AWARD, Kaoda 2006. Award Presented by the OBA AZEEZ ADEWALE OLAYENI DADA ALUKO, The Onidimu of Idimu Land as well as a Certificate of Excellence.

* SOCIAL BENEFACTOR’S AWARD by City Network Entertainment, U.K. on 30th November, 2007 as a contributor to Youth Empowerment.

* Presented with the “OUTSTANDING FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2010” (5th Ikeja City Award) in recognition of her contribution towards development of Ikeja community and its environs.

* Presented with a Merit Award by the African Renaissance Foundation (AREFO) in conjunction with Gbaji-Asheri-Hulenu Central Youth Forum and Hengo Badagry Youth Association for her assistance and active participation in the Badagry Festival 2010.

* Presented with the KINGDOM BUILDER PARTNERSHIP AWARD by World Evangelical Time Ministry Inc. in recognition of her tireless and ever-pressing desire to be a part of the work of building the kingdom.

* Presented with the Nigeria Youth Brand Model Award in Social Entrepreneurship by Rebranding Nigeria Youth Initiative in commemoration of Nigeria?s Golden Jubilee Celebration.
Let me stop here before it gets boring.

As you can testify that she’s even over qualified to be so honoured by Igbo Kwenu.

Join the Igbo Kwenu family in sending her a congratulatory message.


  1. This is the biggest bunch of lies this Sandra Duru is a fraud,what idiots still believe this evil woman,all she does is scam,scam,scam ! She has become a severe drug addict living in the US,she is poor and karma is paying her back!


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