How to upload your music on


Musiccloud is an audio platform which allows you to share your favorite music or your original composition to other people as well as a podcast. It is a good avenue for budding artists to freely promote their songs or music for others to hear. The platform is basically hosted on a web version allowing you to upload, download, or promote your own songs anytime, anywhere. Here is how to upload your sounds to Musiccloud.

How to upload your music on

If you don’t have an account on Musicloud yet, then you should visit their website using this url – and sign-up by clicking on the ‘’Signup for free’’ button.

Just after you think you are done. You’ll be redirected to the ”create a personal account page” and asked some few sensitive questions.

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Fill in the necessary info required, including your mobile number. As soon as this is done a code will be sent to you via sms for verification.

Fill in the code sent to you via sms on the provided box. In a case it doesn’t come so speedily, you can request another code by clicking on the resend verification code, dial the short code on the provided box and verify.

Rightly after the verification process is elapse you can then proceed by clicking on the “click here” link to continue to the upload page.

Wow… your account is successfully created. You should continue by selecting a file.

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Nice ride… on this juncture you are expected to chill a bit whilst the system analyses the file for approval.

Your file is good to go. Aside .Mp3 and .Wav files; you definitely will get a depressing message. The point is; make sure your file is rendered with the afore-listed extension.

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Boom!!! You see that? the upload button is now updated to blue (which means you’re good to go). Tap it a bit and let’s watch the flow.

Here; in a case were your network provider is bad, we’d advice you download a set of irokotv movies alongside a wine for a sip. Aside that, the demo image below took just a few seconds to convey the file down to the server.

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So we got this message, next after the upload.

Click on ”My Cloud” to continue to your own unique web page (were all your music or podcast will be stored.

What else do we do? Our core reason for registering was basically to get our music heard right?

So let’s continue by clicking on the sole track we just uploaded.

And so we got directed to this wonderful download page were all the magic happens. This is were your fame could begin.

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