Ex-Beauty Queen, ‘Miss Goodness’ shares what it takes to become a beauty queen


To Abia State born ‘Miss Omeonuwa Goodness’, an ex beauty queen, who emerged as Miss Our Lady 2013/14, to become a beauty queen is so much easier if you get all it takes.

Miss Goodness
Ex-Beauty Queen ‘Miss Omeonuwa Goodness

As an ex beauty queen who outshone other contestants to emerge winner during the 2013/14 Miss Our Lady beauty contest, she is never desperate for a crown, neither she worked for it.

In this interview with Ngozi Onwukwe of Abacityblog, she spoke on many issues relating to the Beauty Pageant Industry, her deal of becoming the current Ambassador to Face of Abia Communications, and her love life.


I have known you as ex beauty queen, can you tell me more about you?

ANS: *Smiles* sure, am miss Omeonuwa Goodness. An ex beauty queen, miss our lady 2013/14, currently the Face of Abia Communication brand ambassador/pageant manager, a commercial model.

Q: Which state and LGA are you from?

ANS: I am from Abia State Isiala Ngwa South precisely

Q: You just said something about being the Ambassador to Face Of Abia, can you tell me what is Face of Abia?

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ANS: Face of Abia is a brand name, if I should say. I will say your questions is what is Face of Abia Communication Limited?

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Q: As an ex beauty queen, how does it feel like to become a queen amidst other contestants? Is it too stressful? What was your reaction?

ANS: Awww!! Being a queen have never been stressful, rather, it’s a privilege, and you have the opportunity to reach out to people. Was happy being a queen, still happy

Q: Reach out to people? Do you mean you have a charity organization? What other way, did you accomplish that?

ANS: Personally, my own way of reaching out to people, especially up coming model was becoming face of Abia pageant manager, where we organized a beauty pageant, which my aim was to wipe out RUNS or CUTTING CORNERS before someone will win a crown, which I was able to accomplish with the aid of my director, who is a no- nonsense man, Mr Onwuka Okorie, and our crew members, Aunty Nancy playing a good role, with my few friends who came around, queen Adaugo and queen Ella, making sure that all was free fair, and that d promises given to the winners were fulfilled, that is my accomplishment

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I hope to continue in this way, because the industry is bearing a bad name, models are bearing a bad name, so in my small corner, with respected men and women, we are out to bring a good name to models, Abia state and Nigeria

Ex-Beauty Queen ‘Miss Omeonuwa Goodness

Cut in:  Yes, contrary to that?  Hope you have heard about Mrs Chidinma of Anambra, do you have anything to contribute? Especially as someone who is in the industry.

ANS: Well, about miss Chidinma saga, I don’t have anything to say. But I think we all need to hear from her first, before concluding

Q: Except beauty pageant, what are your hobbies?

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ANS: My boobies are, dancing, reading, traveling and shopping

Q: Have you traveled out of the country before? Which country and what was is it like there?

ANS: No, but soonest

Q: You look young and beautiful, are you single or into a relationship?

ANS: *Laughs* Am single

…cut in: Single?

ANS: Yes! Any problem?

…cut in: Yes, isn’t your parents not disturbing you for a marriage? Or are they are pleased with your single status?

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ANS: *Laughs* No my parents ain’t. It’s not late for me to marry. It’s possibly not time

Q: Are you a graduate? 

ANS: No, but I’m still a student

…cut in: What school and what year?

ANS: A 200 Level students of Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka, currently studying Human anatomy

Q: Being an ex beauty queen, what challenges have you encountered?

ANS: Personally, none

cut in: You mean you haven’t encountered any problem?

ANS: Yes!

Q: What do you intend to tell upcoming beauty queens?

ANS: I will advise them to be real and unique. They shouldn’t be desperate for a crown, and before you register for a pageant that they promised a car, millions of Naira and all that, ask people who have been there before you, most of them are fake, its only unique ones that are real.

…cut in: About that, how do they know the fake and the real ones?

ANS: Asking questions

…cut in: You mean ask the ex beauty queens? Do you think that will can possible?

ANS: Yes it’s possible


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