[PHOTOS] Man Burnt His Voter’s Card Said Votes Don’t Count Under Buhari’s Govt


A man at Ikotun general market located at Ikotun Egbe in side Alimosho L.G.A of Lagos State openly set his voters card on fire his reasons are :

Our votes don’t count under Buhari’s government just see what happens at Edo and Ondo you will know that every election done under this govt is 120% corruption and full master minded rigging.

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So why will I go and stand under the sun where as the whole election and results have been concluded before the election day.

Tell me who in his right sense will vote for APC in any state with the way the APC at federal has crumbled the economy of Nigeria our only country.

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APC and buhari are only after power and they even come out openly to say it that they will do everything to win all the states in Nigeria using their federal power.

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They are now saying that they have Edo and Ondo the next in line are Ekiti, Rivers, Delta, Balyesa and Anambra state, and they have the full plan to get all this states, so why are we still voting when all the votes are worthless.

The worst is that they are not even planing on how to fix the economical meltdown of the country. if you ask they will say there is no money but on any election campaigns they will spend billions of dollars.

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Please this government is a total disappointment just allow the voters card to burn and let me forget ever voting for Buhari.


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