Kalu visits Kanu: Matters Arising Beyond Kuje (READ)


…by Sir Peter Agba Kalu

I watched, as ignorance rampaging as wisdom took over the social media over the visit of a brother to brother in Kuje.

Former Abia State Governor, Dr. Orji Kalu visits Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje Prison, Abuja

The truth is that the relationship between Gov. Kalu and the Nnamdi Kanu family dates far back when Kalu was governor. Against pressure, he was the one that gave Prince Nnamdi Kanu’s father Staff of Authority to become a King. And since then, both families has been close with each other.

Few weeks ago, one of the IPOB top officials lost his brother, Gov. Kalu flew all the way to London to visit him at home. He remains the only top Igbo politician to do that.

If you have Vincent Obenta contact, the first lawyer based in Enugu that started handling the Kanu case, he will tell you that Gov. Kalu and Bishop Hassan Kukah were the first set of people our Hero Kanu approved as honest people he can rely on to go into negotiations with federal government over his unconditional release. This was over taken by events beyond their control.

So, when I look back, I wonder exactly where the noise is coming from. And someone coming to social media to lie that he will expose how Gov. Kalu facilitated Kanu’s arrest is just seeking attention. It sounds comical and totally uninformed.

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Every one is now an expert on Nnamdi Kanu’s case. IPOB members and Kanu knows the truth about who sold him out and I have personally discussed the issue with one of their executives. So, let’s not go there or if you have the info as you boasted, fire it. It will be a great service to our people.

Coming to Kuje, any informed person will tell you that you don’t just appear at the gate and doors will be opened for you and detainees dragged out. They’re rightly informed and their express consent gotten before visitors are allowed.

If the spokes person of IPOB Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya will not mind, I discussed this visit with him three weeks ago. I told him His Excellency, Gov. Kalu will make out time to visit Kanu. That Gov. Kalu complained to me that the way Igbo leaders abandoned him isn’t good. He related the message to Prince Nnamdi Kanu and got back to me.

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He told me that Kanu complained that Gov. Kalu has made such promises in the past and he didn’t turn up. I assured him that as far as I am involved now, he should bank on the promise. ( I still have the screen shot of the chat. And, mind you, they’re family friends)

I went to Igbere, the village home of Gov. Kalu and spend 5 days with him and everyday the issue was about Kanu and how he can make political efforts to see him released now that he’s in APC. He promised to see what he can do and I insisted on the visit.

Kanu ought not to be were he is. Seeing the outpour of comments, I get confused. And, a times I don’t help wondering if there are some people shouting Biafra! Biafra!! Biafra!!! with us who are benefiting from his detention. Am being seriously honest here because of so many detailed information’s at our disposal which they don’t know we have.

Now, Gov. Kalu made a request to see Prince Kanu.

He was fully aware that Gov. Kalu has joined APC, but, Kanu being a leader of all Igbo people not minding their political interest, approved the visit. This is because he’s equally smart enough to understand Kalu’s right to freedom of association, the universal right that entitled us to form IPOB and circumstances that pushed Kalu to APC. In doing that, he exhibited the mark of a great leader.

He approved of the request because Kanu is intelligent enough to know his friends and we have to respect that. So, he visited to see his brother and friend.

As a result, in abusing Kalu for visiting we are indirectly abusing Kanu for accepting such visitor.
Kanu deserves the right to chose which Igbo leader to visit him

Mind you, none of the politicians from Abia, Governor, Senators, Federal or State House Members even from his constituency has said a word about him. Instead of a show of appreciation for his courage, it’s abuse.

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Beyond, the Kuje visit, some years back so many of our Biafrian brothers were flooding my inbox requesting to know why Sun Newspaper owned by an Igbo man was not covering IPOB activities. After intensive meetings, we decided to give voice to our people. You will observe that Sun Newspaper owned by the same Kalu is at the fore front of publishing IPOB activities and giving them cover pages.

Today, another national paper New Telegraph owned by Gov. Kalu has joined. Remove this two, you will discover that Igbos have completely no mouth organ in this nation. We will be completely shootout.

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Just few months ago, I disused with Gov. Kalu about using our paper-Sun-to project upcoming Igbo leaders. He bought the idea immediately and forwarded my suggestion to the MD and editor to implement. If all these are not enough to convince you about his love for our people, I wonder what will?

Now, am not painting him a saint. He has all his faults. Get, am just making a point over his visit to Kanu.

All the same, It’s the age of social media and every Dick and Tom wants to be heard even in issues they know little about nothing. And, that apart, the comments, critical critiques, positive noise, abuse, curses from highly intelligent people, over rated intelligentsias and half baked social illiterates appointed by untrained intellectuals that took over the air space yesterday, are quite understandable.

Some of them are sincerely honest in their anger, they have a sincere different opinion about Kalu as a governor and some are angry at his joining APC, a party they felt it’s leader is detaining our hero Nnamdi Kanu and has killed lots of our Biafran people. To try not to see reasons with them because I work at Sun Newspaper is to tell a lie to my conscience. And, it’s equally to be a dangerous sycophant to Gov. Kalu. My brothers as a matter of fact, were rightly angry. To even express that anger to Gov.
Kalu is a good omen to him if he will understand. It just shows that It’s about time we all sit together and iron out some of deep rooted differences about Igbo land.

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So, I request we all come together and ask that question:

Igbos what exactly do we want?

Here we are one moment crying aloud over how our politicians, traditional rulers etc abandoned our hero Nnamdi Kanu as they are afraid to identify with him. Here appears the infant terrible of Nigerian politics at Kuje, and we storm out in mess to crucify him. In doing that, we still expect other weak hearted politicians to identity with Kanu and call them names when they refused.
My Igbo family, what exactly do you want.

The truth is that, with Kanu in detention and Gov. Kalu visited, even if he visited to seek cheap popularity, the main essence of that visit is that Prince Nnamdi Kanu is becoming the rallying point of Igbo emancipation.

Let’s encourage that and shout up those questioning his mandate to lead. Attacks on those that visited will discourage others.

In attacking Kalu we mock ourselves. We give room to justify those who accuse us Biafrans of having nothing to offer but abuse. We are too smart and intelligent to carry that toga.
Let us be smart enough to set the trap.

It has gotten Gov. Kalu…
Shout it loud with me…

Next! Next!! Next!!!

It will only trap more elephants when we appreciate Gov. Kalu for his courage.

When Prince Nnamdi Kanu roared in court, ” Go and tell Buhari that he’s mad” our enemies thought his own has finished and laughed.

Kalu’s visit has given us hope of a political negotiations. Let’s be wise to capitalize on it. Unless, of course, you’re among those shouting Biafra! Biafra!!! Biafra!!! And, ” Release Nnamdi Kanu Now” while secretly, you’re happy that he’s in detention and praying that he’s jailed.

Then, it’s understandable when under the pretence of anything you attack his visitor and efforts that you fear may bring positive light to him.
Igbokwnue! Onye ahala nwanneya!!


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