Akwa Ibom: Arrest Pastor Akaninyene Now! |- by Sir Peter Agba Kalu


This article is a reaction following the Reigners Bible Church International building which collapsed today in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, killing over 150 persons. – Sir. Peter Agba Kalu, Sun Newspaper editor has called for the arrest of the Pastor Akaninyene, who is the spiritual leader of the collapsed church building.

Akwa Ibom State Church Building Collapse
The collapsed building of the Reigners Bible Church International

Hear him:

Religion is our greatest problem in Africa today, the Reigners Bible Church International building which collapsed today in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, killing over 150 persons, was a defective building. The Governor of the State, Mr Udom Emmanuel, who was there ‘Live’ when it happened ought to have ordered the arrest and detention of the owner of the building right there. 

Yes! He ought to have ordered the arrest of Pastor Akan Week on the spot. That’s the standard law. Being a pastor does not make him above the law of the land. This was equally what I recommended when TB Joshua’s Synagogue hotel collapsed, killing 120 people. 

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We shouldn’t in the name of religion, allow law breakers to go free. The law should not be the respecter of positions. The life and position of the pastor is not more important than the over 150 victims who died there today. 

Government should takeover that landed property. From henceforth, it doesn’t belong to the religious body again. 

Every single individual involved in this atrocity must be bring to book. And government ought to act fast before they start escaping.

The governor should contact the Nigerian Society of Engineers immediately and set up a committee urgently to assess and ascertain whether this pure negligence on the part of builders was known to the pastor. If the pastor was in the known, take him to court and let the law take effect. If he wasn’t aware as he’s not the engineer, then set him free and send those responsible to jail. Human lives are involved, so there should be no cutting corners.


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The church located at Uyo Village Road, off Barracks Road, is said to have been filled to the brim as the Pastor, Akan Week, was being consecrated as a bishop when the incident happened.

Why the pastor will escape from being affected is the saddest story of today’s tragedy.

My heart goes to the families of those that lost loved ones as I understand that the governor has promised to take care of the medical bills of the wounded ones. I advise the governor to equally consider giving scholarship to kids that lost their parents in this tragedy.

Today is indeed a sad day. 

You will see some stupid idiots jumping here telling you not to judge as judgement belongs to God. 

That’s exactly why Africa is at this low level of social development. Most so called ‘Christians’ are more fundamentally worst than ISIS.


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