Abia Council Poll: PDP got result sheets before Election, says Obinna Uzoije


…by Obinna Uche Uzoije

Report have it that the PDP, over the night, got access to the result sheets of the election that’s holding right now in Abia state and made their candidates winners.

Mr. Obinna Uche Uzoije

But the press here is stupid. Uselessness egbuola fa. Any time something good rumours in Abia state, it goes moribund halfway. Anytime something bad is heard of, it comes to fruition like lightning. And we just know nothing about it at the end.

ABSIEC are you not ashamed? Who trained you? What are the result sheets doing in Umuahia or wherever?

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Magic FM, BCA, Radio Nigeria, Pace Setter, Rhema FM, Oya start talking. If you don’t say anything, you are party to this.

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Tell us that electioneering in Abia state is a forum where poor people come in mass to make caricatur of themselves.

Tell us that the game is uptown and isn’t downtown.

The only thing sane people could do at units that hadn’t result sheets was to make sure the voting is cancelled. Other people, even after the cancelling, went ahead voting more than once and even without PVCs. While ABSIEC imbeciles accepted the votes without result sheets to record them.

It has been written. We know. But this has to change. We just have to receive sense.

What happened to those civil servants that were massacred at Isialangwa?

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The Biafra people protesting at National High school nko?

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The press is a refuse dump here. They hear things and aren’t objective, proactive and anyhowness is their daily bread. They just say things that never will be the truth! Hypocrites! From BCA to Magic FM to all of them! Start surfing and saying the truth. Stop relaying every crap the government is spitting. That’s the work of a journalist. Not being the commissioner for works.

So Abia state government, tell that crap to the press! But we will fight. We are trying to gentrify your Curriculum Vitae, being in power when we have the youngest councillors in Africa and you’re so stuck in hell that you can’t see the light?

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These are the people that are close to us. From them we are absolutely sure we can know the dividends of democracy. But you are still fighting to pull them down.
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