A-Z You Need to know about Ultimate Cycler


Ultimate Cycler – Is an easy way to turn N12,500 into N50,000 instantly, but here are few things you need to know before joining the scheme.

Ultimate Cycler
A-Z You Need to know about Ultimate Cycler

About Ultimate Cycler:

Ultimate Cycler, just like MMM is a global community that provides help to each country with greater value.

Ultimate Cycler in their website, claimed that they are now having more than 100,000 to 200,000 thousand new members daily and have a large percentage of the new subscribers from Nigeria.

According to Ultimate Cycler founder, Peter Wolfing, the scheme is an easy way to make cool cash using N12,500 and cash out N50,000 …. Wow!

N50,000 sounds cool, right? Okay wait, But here is what you need to know.

For you to become a member of Ultimate Cycler, an existing member must sign you up, using his/her link which he generated after signing up via under person, then after he/she signed you up. The system will decide if he/she that registered you will be the beneficiary of N12,500 which you will deposit. …. If the person is the beneficiary, then you will pay him/her the N12,500.

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Now, After making your payment, the same person who registered you will be the same person to confirm that you have paid, by ticking a check mark sign (the check mark sign will look like this  ☑  ✅) inside the dashboard…. Make sure you confirm that the person has mark it, or if you are computer literate you can use the password and username the person who registered you, generated for you and do it yourself, it’s simple.

After check ☑  marking the payment, you will have to refer about five people that will make the same N12,500 under you. Note: You will register them, because they came through you.

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Now, the system will also decide if the five people will pay you the N12,500. (eg: you can refer someone, the system will Match the person to another person).

If in turn they paid you the N12,500 you will have to ☑  check mark their payment… (Example: If five people pay you N12,500 that is N12,500 x 5 = N50,000

So for you to become an active Ultimate Cycler member and be making cool N50,000 every 2-3 days, all you have to do is, register under someone, make your N12,500, after the system confirmed your payment, go out and search for who will join under you.

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But in a situation you failed to get anyone, you will have to wait at least 11 days for the system to match you to five people who will make payment of N12,500 to your account making it N50,000

That is how it works.

In conclusion, for you to make cool N50,000 from Ultimate Cycler every 2-3 days, you have to work hard on your cycle, by getting more people to register under you after confirming your payment.

That is it, make cool 50,000 with just 12,500.

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