This is how I’ll stop Niger Delta militancy – Danjuma


Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd), who was named the Coordinator of Niger Delta Riverine Protection Program last week, has yesterday read the riot act to militants who bomb oil pipelines.

This is how I’ll stop Niger Delta militancy – Danjuma
Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd)

The special presidential committee (Danjuma) is expected to recover illegal weapons and curtail the spate of bombings and other crimes in the region.

Speaking with Daily Sun after the committee’s inauguration, he said; “Yes, I know the job will be tough, but I am experienced and I understand the terrain so, I know I will make the President proud.”

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“I have accepted this responsibility with every sense of humility, responsibility and patriotism. I am conscious of the fact that we cannot achieve the purpose for which this program is created without the active support of the stakeholders in the region and beyond.

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When asked about his job description, Gen. Danjuma said:  “What I am supposed to do as the name implies is to stop the spate of bombings in Niger Delta, recover arms and sensitise the people particularly the youths on why they should not go into destroying their own land.

“The danger is that at the end of the day our people suffer more when these bombings occur. Our people are suffering. The answer to the problem is not bombing, but to engage the government and make sure our people benefit from the laudable programs that are being put in place for our people.

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“Whose land is suffering? Who are the end losers? So, the new narrative is let our boys lay their arms and let government take care of the people as it should be. Confronting the government will not help our case,” he said.

On his plan of action, General Danjuma said: “In the next few days we shall be meeting with critical stakeholders in the region to unveil our detailed program of action. We are also organizing Town Hall meetings with all these critical stakeholders across all the states of the South-South region on the dangers of bombings and for them to also tell us their problems.

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“We will tell them what the Federal Government has in store for them. Some of the South-South governors have been contacted and the response was very positive.

“Don’t forget that the committee will also be working with the Ministry of the Niger Delta Affairs in liaison with the office of the National Security Adviser,” he said.


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