The Killing of 7yr old-boy for attempted to steal Garri in Lagos proves Nigeria is a lawless Country


A few days ago A 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal Garri from a trader’s shop.

The young boy lynched to death for attempting to steal Garri in Lagos

According Information Nigeria, the teenage boy was lynched for “ATTEMPTING TO STEAL GARRI FROM A TRADERS SHOP”

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Information Nigeria, the platform that got the first hand information about the story said the boy was attempting to steal, not that he has already stolen the Garri.

But, the question is? Why lynching him because he tries to steal Garri? Why did the Nigerian Police not respond to the situation?

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Some people said it’s a “Jungle Justice”, but they forget that Nigeria is in recession ever since the present administration of Buhari, things are so hard, people hardly found food to eat.

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Number of persons that has committed suicide during the short period of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s regime is almost 60, counting based on the survey the Nigerian Police has released.

Those who killed the little boy proves that Nigeria is a lawless country, like what the Rivers State Governor said: Nigeria Under Buhari have no respect for rule of Law, Anybody can be arrested anytime – Governor Nyesom Wike


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