OPINION: “Abia in Shame” |- by Obinna Uche Uzoije


Shame has departed from the face of Abia State. Totally. Both from the government and the governed.

I’ve been contemplating on hyperlinking all the names of the Facebook warlords that campaigned, brought this government and it’s impeding fiasco on us all and march them naked here, but I don’t like being a carrier of bad news. I know what to do.

Mr. Obinna Uche Uzoije

On an interview the other day, the governor and the commissioners were housed and the commissioner for finance, with a shameless, ill economy of words stated “the problem with Abians is that when salaries get paid, no one hears it but right now we have paid MAY salary. The people talking are just disgruntled enemies of the government”.

That guy, in his senile point of view, is priding in the payment of MAY salaries. ‘Shame’ where are you?

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I personally will encourage no other media to accept him for an interview. Nobody has the right to sound menacing to the people of Abia, not after all these political wizardry we face. That’s what a sane public should say. And just check the whole thing well, it isn’t factual. 6 months salary have not been paid.

So, Okezie Ikpeazu, the governor, was on radio the other day, I just wonder if you don’t hear these things or the shame is just not there anymore. He was asked of the 29 roads he flagged off when he was flagellating his stinking love for Aba just the day he assumed office…

“The court cases caused the Arab contractors and the SETRACO to withdraw.So there will be fresh negotiations…” Shame! Shay shay shaay! Shaaaame! No body said anything. That’s what we have on the mass communication in here. No further questions when they get asinine answers. The idiocy. You paid contractors and they withdrew with the money you paid and you have the temerity to say it to Abians on the BCA? Chai! Shame.

The SETRACO is back to Faulks road where you now have ishi-mmiri, poured stones and is grinding it with their thing. You see the rubbish? And to build that road, you know all those stones will be removed right?

Well, hello SETRACO, are you not shameless?

Nothing! Till now, totally nothing. My problem is just that I don’t want this history to overshadow the reputation of a sane Ngwa man. If you come out here to count one thing, I’ll tell you to bring Chibuike Nwokeukwu (he thought they’ll make him an AG) and his cohorts that said in 6 months the governor will be done with the roads in Aba and now enter the villages… lol.

Have you asked your self why people that failed in the House of Rep are made commissioners? Why most of them are running for chairmanship of local governments now? Why they leave their homes and come to run their mouths for the governor on the radio?

Some have come to name all the roads in Aba saying they run into thousands and they government can’t finish them, and nobody asked them if it’s his or her papa or mama that will?

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Well, God forbid that TA Orji’s turn out to a better tenure than this. Though the superman has his men all around, even the present state PDP chairman is his brother. Aba is not Abia state. Umuahia doesn’t like you. ABIA SOUTH CAN’T MAKE YOU GOVERNOR ALONE.

Unless the PDP has their little plan of ‘sharing the money’ in another election which will never work, I don’t see another plan.

You’re saying you want to hold local government elections, that it hasn’t been held in 16 or 16 thousand years, we know those things. The state INEC is under PDP. We know the results – shame!
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