JUST IN: Sachet Water Now Sold At N20 In Aba


Following the increase in food commodities as the recession bites harder in Nigeria, sachet water hawkers in Aba have began selling of its products in the sum of N20 instead of N10 it used to be sold.

Sachet Water Hawker

Investigation by Abacityblog proves that the price is not yet official price, as Sachet Water Companies went on strike following the increase in materials.

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Recall that the sachet water used to be sold at the price of N5, until last year after the strike they pushed the price to N10.

Interview with a sachet water retailer at Osisioma Junction, Aba revealed that those selling at the rate of N20 were the ones that have the stock in their domains before the producers of the package water went on strike.

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According to her; “those retailers selling at the price of N20 must have had the package water in their domain, so, they will sell it at any price rate that pleases them because they are the ones that have it, the products are now scarce, if you don’t want to buy you can go, that is what exactly they are doing now”.

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“But the price is not yet the official price”, she added.

In a phone chat, with a staff of sachet water (Name withheld) company in Aba, he revealed to Abacityblog that the price ins’t yet the official price, citing that the sachet water companies went on strike because they want to increase the official price to N15 to enable them meet up after sales and purchasing of materials, including paying its workers’ salaries.

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As at the time of filling this report, sachet water companies in Aba are still on strike, no one knows when they will be back as the most of the companies declined to talk with our correspondent as when they will resume productions.


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