Guinea opens free-access HIV care centre


Guinea has opened its first medical centre for the free treatment of HIV patients who are in an advanced state of their illness, BBC Afrique reports.

Guinea opens free-access HIV care centre

The centre in Conakry, the capital, will also serve as an Aids training and research facility.

According to UNAids estimates from last year, Guinea which has a 1.6% prevalence rate of the disease, recording about 120,000 people infected with the HIV virus.

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In 2015, the disease killed 4,600 people in the country.

The director of the new centre, Mouhamed Cisse, told BBC:

Our medical system had many difficulties when it came to providing quality care to people living with HIV, to people infected with opportunist diseases. This centre has been created as a [response to that].”
The BBC’s Makeme Bamba in Conakry says HIV patients in Guinea do get free care, but existing services are sub-standard with a lack of organisation as the main problem.

The new centre will have specialists to provide a quality service.



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