Group advocates integration of strangers in the community in the scheme of things as panacea to herdsmen/farmers conflict


….By Okechukwu Keshi

CLEEN Foundation has advocated the integration of strangers living in the community in the scheme of things as a panacea to the protracted herdsmen/ farmers ravaging various parts of the country.

Armed cattle herder

The Programme Officer of the group, Ifeanyi Anyanwu, made this known during a one- day workshop on Conflict Management and Crime Prevention Skills: Key Tools to Promote Peace and Security in the Communities held at Isuikwuato Local Government Council of Abia State.

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In his paper”Crime Prevention Skills: Key Tools for Enhancing Relationship in Multi- tribal Settlements, Anyanwu noted that for the herdsmen/ farmers conflict to be checked, the laws of the land should be made public so that strangers living in the community can understand them and identify their bounds.

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He said:” The laws should not be for chiefs or community leaders to use their discretion at all times. There should be a clear-cut way of making sure that laws are documented and made available to the leaders of other tribes to step it down to their subjects.

 According to him, stereotyping should be criminalised in order to discourage people from generalising or attributing negativity to a particular tribe or region, adding” a suspect should be identified and prosecuted as an individual rather than seeing it from his tribe”.

 He also proffered the establishment of “grievance mechanism” as an instrument that would ensure that aggrieved persons seek redress without resorting to self- help.

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Other solutions proffered by Anyanwu are the establishment of a platform that would ensure that all tribes are carried along in policy or decision taking; ensuring that evidence should be protected for proper investigation.

In her presentation”Understanding Conflict and Application of Conflict Management Skills to Promote Peaceful Co-existence”, Olutoyin Falade urged community members to discuss building and sustaining relationships for a lasting peace.

Falade cited the SBM Intelligence, a socio- political consulting firm, report which reveals that there have been 389 incidents involving herdsmen and farming communities between 1997 and 2015t with 371 of the attacks happening in the Middle Belt.

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She also noted that Nigeria is estimated to lose $14 billion annually to clashes between herdsmen and farmers.


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