Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO (PHOTOS)


The Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has taken the Aba Made Products to a limelight, many years after Made In Aba products faced a backlash following what people nicknamed, “Aba Made” (Simply means “Aba Made” products are inferior)

Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO
Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO

But, the present administration of Governor Ikpeazu,who is also The Chief Marketing Officer of Made-in-Aba Products, has proven the nation wrong, by showcasing the Aba Made Products, in terms of flaunting it anywhere he went, both overseas and in the country.

Recently, Dr. Ikpeazu announced at the 2016 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Conference, held In Lagos State, that a Military firm has ordered about 50,000 pairs of Made In Aba military boots.

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At the Conference, Ikpeazu said; “I am happy to announce here that Aba which is the commercial nerve centre of the Abia State and Old Eastern Region of Nigeria, is also the SME capital of Nigeria, where young people are in the business of making shoes, bags and clothes, including the one I am wearing.

“Let me also announce here that a private firm, that has an order to supply 50,000 military boots is currently in Aba, where our shoemakers are in production for the firm”

Reacting to the governor Ikpeazu’s speech, the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo said;  “Governor, I listened to you and I commend you for what you’re doing in Abia. Please keep doing what you’ve told us you’re doing.
“So, Governor Abia, you have to send a pair of the shoes to me, I use size 42.”

Following the Obasanjo’s order, Ikpeazu personally delivered the pairs of made in Aba shoes to him (Obasanjo) at his Hilltop Mansion home in Ogun State.

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Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO
Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO

Speaking while delivering the shoes, Governor Ikpeazu said: “Sir, you made an order for made in Aba shoes through me when we met last in Lagos two weeks ago, I am here today to deliver the shoes to you sir. These shoes, including the one I am wearing are made by our people in Aba. We want you to wear them and tell others about them. As promoters of made in Aba products, we have taken it upon ourselves to promote made in Aba goods by wearing them and by telling others about them.”

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Responding, Obasanjo said: “Governor, I can’t thank you enough, and through you, I cannot thank my brothers and my sisters who have decided to adorn me with these wonderful, classy and classic shoes made in our land by our own people.

Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO
Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO

“For me, this is very significant in many ways. In fact, let me deliver to you a message from The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) which they ask me to deliver to you. Afreximbank is spearheading made in Africa, and they came during their annual meeting. The message they left for me to you is that they have heard so much about Aba, and they want me to get in touch with you so they can come back and pay a special visit to Aba, because they want to establish an industrial park in Aba to encourage production and exportation of goods made in Africa.

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“And if the shoes you gave me here, which I am wearing one of them, feeling very comfortable on my feet, if they are good for me, I believe they should be good for Africa, and for anybody in Nigeria and indeed for anybody in the world.

Governor Ikpeazu Delivers MADE In ABA Shoes to OBASANJO
Ikpeazu with Obasanjo

“When we use what we make by ourselves for ourselves, others will simply join us in using them because we are proud of them.

“These shoes are so comfortable and they are so good. Anybody watching me, no matter how high or low, who wants to help Nigeria get out of recession quickly should call the makers of these shoes in Aba to make for them.”


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