God using Buhari to punish Nigerians – Archbishop Chukwuma

Archbishop Chukwuma
Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma

Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma shares his thoughts on the state of the nation and expressed worries that except the right steps are taken by the present administration, to put the country on the right pedestal, the country’s woes would continue unabated.

According to him, “all is not well at all, with Nigeria. We must sound it: All is not well. Nigeria has become a very difficult place for people to exist.

In this interview with Daily Sun, the Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province said it is as if we are in captivity and we are looking forward to God’s deliverance…. In fact, Nigeria is in captivity under Buhari”.

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When asked what he has to say about the said change the APC led federal government has promised, Chukwuma said; “Well, it depends on what type of change they are trying to bring in. I heard them promise that their version of change will manifest next year. However, the change that we see now is not a good version.” 

The change is of hardship and people are not comfortable at all. Right now, all I can say that is good about their sermon of change is that the situation is making Nigerians to change from their life of profligacy to prudence. 

To me, Buhari’s government is a punishment, and caution to Nigerians. I think that God is trying to punish us, and at the same time caution us with the present administration, for our past recklessness and mistakes as a nation. That is why I said that it is a time of captivity – where God chose to put Nigeria into the kind of biblical captivity of Assyria and Babylon. And until we repent from our sins, God may not rescue us. 

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So, it is a time for everybody to repent, in their small corners, from life of wastage, wickedness and impunity; and begin to live a life of prudence, love and patriotism.

My understanding of the Change Begins with Me campaign is that Nigeria has come to a point where everybody should accept to begin to discipline themselves and adopt ways of righteousness and patriotism. But sadly, as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned, we have only experienced evil change. We have not seen any good thing in our economy. 

There may be a change in attitude whereby people are now being more disciplined and cautious about indulging in impunity. That is all.

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