Ex-wife of former President Obasanjo forms new political party


The ex-wife of the former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo has unveiled her plans to float a new political party.

According to Taiwo Obasanjo, “I have a divine assignment from God to come out with something like this. It has a divine agenda.

“The agenda is to create a selfless platform for people to come together and become the custodian, part and parcel towards rebuilding this nation.

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“We shouldn’t leave it to only the government of the day to run.

“It is going to be a kind of shadow government that will also externalize itself in all that they want to do for the nation.

“The Abundant Blessing Congress will also be internalizing what they want to do and that’s what we are going to externalize in the nation.

“That’s why I said we shall have a shadow government, because right now, what we have doesn’t make me happy.

“Buhari isn’t the person to be blamed. There are forces beyond him which he is unaware of.

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“There are sadistic forces behind the throne, he isn’t even aware that they are sadistic and they are using their venom to poison him.

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“Buhari still has two and half more years to go, because a child that is going to grow will first of all crawl before walking.

“We don’t want to start seeking elective office only. Our party will train and equip people.

“In our party, once a presidential candidate emerges, he will have the names of all the ministers the following day,” Taiwo Obasanjo said.



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