Time for AbaCityBlog Airtime Giveaway ‘Forge and Win Promo’


Time to give back…

Hi people, this is the time to say, thank you all for being here for us.

….But, as usual, we always do it like a game…..If you missed our last giveaway, you can check it here.

Today, we are going to list the numbers down, but removing 4 digits from each.

Below are the code displayed on the recharge card, and to earn it, you have to be the first to comment with the digit which you choose and drop your number after writing the digits in the comment box.


8248 3136 2266 ****
5169 4050 3562 ****
5878 2991 0026 ****
1678 6963 4073 ****
7969 1208 7493 ****
0016 2718 9107 ****
8812 0614 2194 ****
3202 0628 2335 ****
7408 1698 9325 ****
0182 0233 3718 ****

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Note: First to comment with the recharge card digit including the person’s phone number, will receive the card via sms.

Comment with the card number and your phone number, we will send you the card direct to your phone.

That is a simple trick, we call it ‘forge and win promo’.


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