Lakes are natural bodies of water that occupy depressions in the surface of the land. These depressions are called basins. This explains why lakes are normally deeper than rivers for example the deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal in russia and is about 1,620 meters. 

The beautiful look of Oguta Lake

In Africa, the deepest lake is Lake Tanganyika is about 1,432meters. It is the second largest lake in the world after Lake Baikal. Lakes result from the flow of water into low areas. Lake water comes largely from rainfall and rivers that flow into it where the climate is humid, more water flows into the lake basins than it’s lost through evaporation. In this way, lake basins tends to fill up as the water rises, it over flows and runs out at its lowest point or outlet.

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Finally, the overflow reaches a river, sea or ocean except where the outlet discharges into a desert area. One of the best examples of a lake in Africa with potential to become a shipping hub is Oguta Lake. It is the largest and bluest natural fresh water lake that lies wholly within Nigeria and its about 2,500 hectares.

It is less than 2 kilometers wide and 10 kilometers long. Its flows into the Atlantic Ocean via the Orashi River. It is also connected with  the Niger; West Africa’s longest River and the third longest river in Africa after the River Nile and Congo respectively via the ogbuide river.

On the shores of the lake lies the picturesque and Serene Town of Oguta, which derives its name from the lake and its located in Imo State in the South Eastern Part of Nigeria, the lake and the Orashi River should be dredged and a free port should be constructed at Oguta.

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To serve the Shipping requirements of west and central African countries like Niger, Nigeria, Cameroun, Chad, Mali and Burkina Faso railway lines linking Ouagadougou. The Burkinabe capital with Niamey the Nigerien Capital on the Niger and Ndjamena the Chadian capital with Garoua in Northern Cameroun on the Benue a tributary of Niger should be constructed respectively.

By this barges can thus sail to and fro the Oguta free port thus it will be Arguably the busiest seaport on the African continent.

Rotterdam sea port in the Netherlands, the busiest sea port in the world is performing similar function in Europe serving the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland. Some of the biggest and busiest seaport in the world are to be found on lakes such as Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit in the USA. International organizations like the World Bank should finance the scheme which is similar to the great lakes St. Lawrence seaway in north America thus, it would serve as an impetus to the socio-economic development of the aforementioned countries.  

Mr. u-GURU is a creative thinker.
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