Man Hacked Public Billboard in Indonesia replace advert with Porn Movie


An unknown hacker or a group of hackers on Friday 30th September, hacked into the computer system of a large LED video screen billboard in the Kebayoran Baru district of South Jakarta. Replaced the advertisement on the screen with pornographic content for a short period of time.

The fun part about this hack is that the hacked billboard has been installed right in front of the South Jakarta Mayor’s office and those stuck in traffic or standing nearby could watch what seemed to be a Japanese pornographic video titled “Watch Tokyo Hot” loaded on a Chrome browser.

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According to Kompas, the Public Relations Department of the South Jakarta government took the initiative quickly and turned off the electricity to the billboard.

Although, despite cutting out the power, several people had already managed to film the incident on their mobile phones and circulate it on social media.

BBC report that the hacker has been arrested, as he allegedly carried out the porn streaming after seeing the login details displayed on the billboard.

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Muhammad Iriawan, Jakarta Police Chief, told AFP: “The suspect claims that he worked alone. But we are still investigating whether he was working alone, whether he had a particular motive or whether he was just fooling around.”

Pornographic websites are blocked in Indonesia, where websites such as Tumblr and Vimeo have also previously been blocked for adult content. The suspect could, therefore, be charged under the Pornography Law, which carries a prison sentence of up to 12 years. Alternatively, he could be charged under the Electronic Transaction Law, which would see a maximum sentence of up to six years and a fine of 1 billion rupiah ($77,000; £60,000).

Ten other people at the company operating the electronic billboard were questioned.



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