How Nigerian Leaders Steal $50 Billion Every Year And Hide It Abroad’ ~ German Parliament


A lawmaker from the Federal Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, Andres Lammei, has noted that over $50 billion has disappeared from the treasury of government across Africa annually, adding that it would always delay development in the continent.

German Parliament

“It gives me a grave concern, if the number is right as obtained in the press, that $50billion disappears in Nigeria and across Africa annually. The question is, how much does Africa even get as development aid? Many African leaders and politicians invest in other countries. A friend of mine did an album of houses owned by an African in a country”, the lawmaker said

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The lawmaker who is also the of the Working Group on Africa of the CDU/CSU in the German parliament made this statement yesterday when some select state lawmakers and parliamentary staff from Nigeria paid him a visit at the Bundestag, Parliamentary Building in Berlin, Germany.

He added that has said the the lawmaking arm in Nigeria and other African countries are not respected by the executive arm.



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