Any Country Minimum Wage Can’t Buy A Bag Of Rice Is Called Zoo ~ Music Artiste, Stanzzee


A Country where recession bites harder, thieves now target restaurant instead of money, hunger, starvation rampaging most residents in the North. 

The country where minimum wage cannot buy a bag of Rice that country is called a Zoo.

My question here is where is The love, peace, unity and progress?

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If people who voted for security cannot be secured, if people who voted for infrastructure cannot drive their cars because of bad roads, if the people who we sent to  represent us are ones  holding us hostage.

No budget over 1 year now. Nobody cares about the old men and women in the rural areas.

Nothing is moving in the country, and nobody is talking. I am assuring you that any country where people dies of hunger is a zoo.
Those were the words of a fast rising music activist, Stanzzee, as he expressed disappointment in the current situation of Nigeria, urging the fellow citizens to be strong and be wiser.

Watch and Download his song: NEW MUSIC + VIDEO: ”Mr. President” by ”Stanzzee”

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