We generated more Electricity than previous governments – Fashola


The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Raji Fashola, has stated that more power was generated under his watch than any other time in Nigerian history.

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Raji Fashola

Fashola said maintenance of faulty turbines at the nation’s hydro-electric plants enhanced their power generating capacity.

He said the result of this was seen during the increased circle of rainfall, which increased water levels.

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The net result was a contribution and increase in power which was then fed into the National Grid.

The minister maintained that this happened, in spite of vandalization of power assets.

Fashola made the presentation at the Wilson Centre, Washington DC, USA on the theme, “Leadership and the Politics of Reforms in Africa: Lessons from Nigeria.”

He recalled that over 3000MW of power had been lost over the last six months due to consistent vandalism and sabotage of oil and gas pipelines and assets.

“The hydros are giving us almost 400MW of power and that is a lot of power given our situation.

“And we have added about 1MW of Solar and there is more coming; so I think we are on our way.

“There are many smaller hydro-plants like Chalawa and Ikere hydro plants. This government is trying to bring in more than 40 such small hydro-plants.

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“We have completed the business plan on eight hydro plants and we are trying to see if we can get that on.

“That would help our rural electrification projects because those dams are in the rural areas,” said Fashola.

The minister had earlier promised that current boost in power would be further strengthened by various transmission projects.

Most of these projects are currently being carried out in several axis of the nation’s six geo-political zones.



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