Unlike other religions, Christians Thrive Even Under Hardship – Apostle Suleiman


Senior pastor of and founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has decried the current economic recession.

Apostle Suleiman

Apostle Suleiman said under President Buhari, things are getting worse adding that only those who are close to God will enjoy despite the untold hardship in the nation.

“The only thing that is constant on earth is change. Change may be for the better or for the worse, whichever one, it is change.

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“In my opinion, a real change in Nigeria should be that: There were no job opportunities before for graduates but employment opportunities are everywhere now.

“Roads were very bad before but all road networks are good now.

“Government functionaries were looting the treasury and corruption is everywhere before, but no more looting of treasury and corruption again.

“We used to import nearly everything before including toothpick but our country is now a producing nation and that our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased.

“People were dying before because of inadequate health facilities but things are improving now because there are well equipped hospitals now etc. All these would be a change to me.

“Naturally, human beings are meant to stay together by default but when there is no peaceful harmony altogether, it might be difficult.

Apostle Suleiman then condemned some religious fanatics who [neutralize] people in the name of fighting for God.

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According to him, any god that cannot fight for himself should not be worshiped.

“In Christianity, our God fights for us, but in other religions, they fight for their gods.

“We do not look for trouble but if you trouble us, we will trouble you.

“As for how Christians can enjoy change in truth is by following after righteousness in truth which exalt a nation including Nigeria, according to Proverb 14:34.




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