The NO 1 Thing you should do on Facebook to boost your business


Personal Branding and Social Media Business consultant, Kim Garst has said the way around facebook curtailing your reach to your fan base is ‘Video’.

She said “Video is the #1 thing you should be sharing on your Facebook page each and every day.”

Kim  the author of “The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest”  gave  3 ways to use video to get more reach on your Facebook page

She said one way is to  Use Facebook LIVE To Increase Reach Without Paying. This is because facebook actually pushes FREE reach to your live-streams and the longer you are live, the more free reach you receive without paying for advert.

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She advised that Facebook LIVE is not something you want to try, without first of all having a plan.

Another tip kim gave is to  Use the Create Slideshow on Your Fan Page to Create A Video. This option is on your fan page when you click to post a status. You can choose 3-7 photos and Facebook will turn them into a video clip “I am sure you will find that these videos will receive more reach than your average post.”

In addition she said to Use Video-Making Apps To Create Awesome Videos Quickly and Easily

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“I do this ALL the time…use my phone to create amazing video content, quick and easy!” she stated.

Some of such apps according to her are Adobe Spark, Ripl, Artisto etc.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg in a summit said the world is “at the beginning of a golden age of online video”, and that “video isn’t just a single kind of content.”


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