Shocking: How Ghost Mysteriously Slapped Six People Dead In a Brothel In Umuahia (SEE PHOTOS)


A report has it that six people were reportedly found dead and two others unconscious early hours of yesterday at 50-50 Hotel, located around Uyo street in Umuahia, Abia State.

The report read that; “The hotel is a brothel and the girls living there have had experience of mysterious slaps some weeks back that left one person unconscious. This incident of strange slaps made all the occupant of the brothel to leave, only for the owner to recruit new ladies from other cities.  Unfortunately, 3 ladies and their customers are today not alive to tell the story of what happened or what befallen them over night that left them dead.

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AFN also gathered that all the six dead bodies have been deposited at the morgue as at press time and the two unconscious body taken to the hospital. The Nigerian Police has cordoned off the hotel, as crowd builds up around the environment to catch a glimpse of what happened.

We also received report of the Nigerian Police shooting canisters of teargas into a near by Hospital (Life Essential Hospital) in a bid to disperse the crowd”



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