It was a watershed moment on the 1st of October 1960 when the usurpers gave us our independence, but not in its entirety political independence it was, as economic independence proved to be illusory anyways we sang, we danced, as we celebrated our partial victory,

We began ruling ourselves amidst religious and ethnic cleavages as regional champions rose up with sentiments, leaving us with many disadvantages from north to south, east to west, people carried on with their ethnic baggages,

Nevertheless we persevered as a country seemingly in unity but with many damages our forefathers tried their best to bring forth a great nation,

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Balewa, Azikiwe, Awolowo had dreams of a country worthy of acclamation they toiled, feuded and made compromises for the entire population however their labour were soon cut short and dreams didn’t come to realization

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The men in Khaki suddenly kyboshed our budding democracy in confusion we all ran helter-skelter, as if in lunacy they began seeking acceptance with various forms of advocacy claiming the civilian government was inept with leadership inadequacy

The men in Khaki after the coup assumed governance the first General to steer the reins lacked acceptance
Hence, a set of men in Khaki stroke again with a vengeance “E don happen again” we all screamed in our local parlance

The new man in Khaki to take the reins was young and seemed vibrant he accepted to steer the country even though he was reluctant by this time a section of the country were disgruntled and became blatant
secession by any means they vociferously agitated was the resultant

In time their agitations became a call for a country called Biafra as they felt they would be better off in their country also in West Africa

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Their agitations soon turned into war, “independence” became their mantra the war later lasted Image years, marking the end of a historical era in those years, agriculture was the mainstay of our economic activity

We sweated and toiled in the fields in exultation and in conformity groundnut pyramids, yam barns, cotton and cocoa were in sufficiency currently though, all these are no more succumbing to inefficiency insidiously replacing agriculture came the oil boom monies called petrol dollars made us lazy, presaging doom

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We spent, we swaggered, as money we made could inundate a room we didn’t plan and prioritize, and failed to see the loom yet again, some men in Khaki took over the government claiming the former was wasteful and was incompetent when they came they said they will offer us better management in time their policies turned out to be more efficient

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The new man was welcomed and hailed and he duly asserted his influence in Africa and beyond the world came to no his competence

However his sway wasn’t to last as he was killed in vicious violence we lost a gem and history came to remember him as a man of prominence in fright and tears his deputy took over the helm of affairs promising to hand over government back to civilian repair

Some disbelieved him as many were still in despair he ended military rule as promised, but they soon reappeared

… be continue….

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