If not for Buhari In Office Nigeria would have been worse than this ~ Apugo


Prince Benjamin Apugo, A Member Of The Board Of Trustees (BOT) Of The All Progressives Congress (APC). have passed a vote of confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Prince Benjamin Apugo: Photo credit: The Telegraph

In This Interview With The Telegraph he revealed that Buhari has done well in terms of security, stating that without President Buhari in office Nigeria would have been worse.

Interview Excerpts:

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Since Buhari came into office, Nigeria has been moving from one problem to another. What is your assessment of the administration?

For me, the government has done very well, that is my assessment.

In specific terms, where can you say the government has done well?

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The government has done well in the area of security and that was one of things Mr. President promised Nigerians. Secondly, he has done well in keeping the unity of the country because if not for President Buhari, with the issues we are having, Nigeria could have been worse for it.

But some believe that President Buhari is the most divisive leader Nigeria had ever had. Those who hold this view accused him of not balancing his appointments in terms of religion and geo-political zones.

For what I know, if he hadn’t wanted the unity of this country, he would not go to fight to keep it one. Now talking about Avengers, if he were not interested in the unity of the nation, he will leave them to over run the country. But he fought Avengers and they are running now, and the same applies to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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Though they are not armed but he tried to quell the disturbances. These people you are seeing have the real people behind them who are interested in dividing the nation. I say this because these people wouldn’t have money to buy arms and give up their lives if they are not paid.

If it was the last administration, the government would have surrendered because we have never seen a thing like this in recent times. Then you talked about the Christian-Muslim dichotomy, it is unfortunate that we always throw up this issue forgetting that we are all Nigerians.

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If a Christian is good in his or her field, nobody will object him or her from being appointed. If a Muslim being a Nigerian is appointed and he did not serve himself or corruptly enrich himself, nobody will complain. And if you take a critical look at issue, you will agree with me that every state has a minister.

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