If Buhari Contest In 2019 Nigerians Will Vote For Him ~ Ahmadu Ali


Ahmadu Ali a retired Army Colonel, a physician and politician has lent out his voice on the ongoing economic hardship in Nigeria, and the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Ahmadu Ali

Ali in an interview with Daily Sun, he spoke on the crisis rocking his party, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and other issues.

Hear him:

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Your party, the PDP is currently embroiled in crisis and a battle for survival. What actually went wrong?

The PDP imbroglio is most unfortunate but it is all within the realm of politics. If APC finds that they are not performing excellently well and we who can claim to be experts in running the country for 16 years are now outside government and we keep criticizing, the best thing is to find a way of disorganising us and they succeeded in disorganising us.

So, you are saying that the problem in the PDP now is caused by APC?

Of course

Didn’t you people see it coming?

We saw it coming… We saw it coming.  May be some of us didn’t see it in this particular angle that it appeared. We knew that that was bound to happen… disorganize the opposition, if not you will have no peace, so that is what they have done.

And again our friends, the enemy outside Nigeria who believed that the PDP has broken such a record in the governance of Nigeria… 16 years uninterrupted… one political party… it has never happened in Nigeria. So they believed that leaving the PDP to continue in that run, they will end up to become an impossible party that they cannot manipulate, like the Gulf Party of the Arabs where they had to destroy Saddam and everybody to disorganize the region.

Do you see the prediction of the Americans coming to pass? That is, the disintegration of Nigeria?

As long as we in Nigeria can sit up and behave ourselves, we will be able to hold forth; but if we cannot, we will fuel their ambition because what they would have wanted is to capture the oil producing area and put it in their pocket and do whatever they like. All the wars in the world, the source of the war is fight for energy, they are getting petrol from Iraq now free of charge, Libya free of charge now, there is no government in those places.

So you can see that if they can have their way, why not? Boko Haram… we knew what these people were doing, they were slaughtering people and throwing them into mass graves, we saw it all on the websites and our friends said they won’t sell bullet to us because what we are going to do with the bullet is against human rights.

These Boko Haram people are they humans? What they are doing is against human rights too. That a whole government is denied?  And when they said alright, they have come to help us, they are now helping us, and they brought their drones to help us. The drones that they brought they were quartered in Chad, not on Nigerian soil and the Boko Haram was at that time going wild. When we asked what is happening, what is the value of all the assistance; the people controlling the drones, you ask them ‘don’t you see the Boko Haram people coming so that you alert the Nigerian army to move in that direction’ and they said yes, ‘even if we see it, we are not responsible to you, our commander in chief is in Washington, we report to him, until he gives us order we cannot tell you.’ So what value is that assistance?

Would you say PDP did anything to justify their expectation that Nigerians would stick by them after 16 years?

Well, I think the PDP did a lot for Nigeria during its time. I cannot say much, a lot of changes have come. If you remember at one time, they said telephone was not for the poor but today my servants, my stewards, my driver, my cook, they all have telephones. It is a PDP revolution that brought the GSM. During the PDP’s time, we caught up with the internet world, everybody now, even my grand children they know how to operate the internet; these are things people tend to forget.

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“Fashola on his first arrival as minister said that PDP has made more roads than any government in Nigeria and we tend to have forgotten. And the huge debts burden, it was the PDP government that negotiated and the debts were cancelled, if not that debt would have been there and it would have piled up now.

But we are hearing stories of massive corruption, stealing of money during the PDP government, what do you make of that?

We are hearing it and those that stole the money are being brought to book and some of the money are being recovered. All that concerns many people who complained to us, although we are no more in government, is that, that money, let them pour it into the system to refloat the economy.

As things stand now, do you see the PDP recapturing power in 2019?

By the grace of God, I see it as a contending force for power in 2019. I am not a prophet, so I cannot prophesy whether they will win or not.

Why do you say so?

Because Buhari’s performance that you are criticizing now, give him another year you will be singing his praise and as far as Nigeria is concerned they have forgotten the past, they will vote for him unless he is not standing. If Buhari is standing in 2019, people will vote for him.

Is it because of performance or the character of Nigerians, because everywhere now they are shouting?

Initially, in order to get something good, you have to do a radical surgery, that radical surgery the pain is what we are suffering from; I am telling you when the pains heal and we start enjoying the surgery that was put in place, we will be ready to vote again if it is the same Buhari because they will say if things go wrong, he knows how to fix it.

That means PDP doesn’t stand a chance in 2019?

It doesn’t follow, if he continues to perform well and he wants to come back then we have a problem to contend with but that doesn’t mean we cannot defeat him after all he defeated us so we should be able to defeat him. But what we are saying is that the PDP has got a strong chance if they can stop the present fracas.

How will it stop?

It is coming to an end, it will stop.

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