‘I regret building APC, giving Buhari a platform to become president – Tinubu blows hot


The crisis rocking the ruling party, The All Progressive Congress (APC), seems to deepen further as the APC chieftain, Asiwaju Tinubu has lashed out to President Muhammadu Buhari following the Ondo governorship election.

L-R: Tinubu & Buhari

An undisclosed sources who reported to Abacityblog of the state of the current clash between Tinubu and  Buhari, had it that Tinubu regretted of letting Buhari become the president of Nigeria under the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC.

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According to our sources, while receiving a segment of APC chieftains from South West who paid him a solidarity visit late yesterday evening after keeping them waiting for over 5 hrs, (from 5pm to 10 pm before seeing them).

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Tinubu lashed out and said, ”I regret building APC and giving Buhari a platform to become president”.

“We all knew he didn’t merit to be president, but you know how we politicians behave when we are desperate for electoral position; We beg.

”That was how President Buhari always and frequently came to my private house here in Ikoyi with his entourage which included that Nasiru and others”.

”At a point, he “Buhari” was practically living in my house, under my roof. The room he was sleeping was just 6-7 steps from my own private room. I was building his confidence because he didn’t have it”.

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”He was even scared of Atiku and Rabiu”.

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”What I ate, he ate. My security was his security because he expressed fears about the security provided by the Jonathan government. He was afraid of Jonathan”.

”Now they occupy Aso Rock and they think Asiwaju Tinubu is finished. He is using people I brought from obscurity against me. Now they say my mouth is smelling. They say I’m no longer relevant. The battle line is drawn, I will show them the meaning of Asiwaju”.

”I know they have surrounded my house. They are there outside. You can’t see them but I know where they are. I see them, but I am not afraid of them. They know that”.

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When asked, “what next?” by one of the loyalists, who said “what do we do now?”.

Tinubu replied; “Don’t worry, just watch. Time will tell, I built this party and I can destroy it, but for now I vow, PDP must win Ondo state.



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