#AbaCityBlogDebate: Can Our SouthEast Lawmakers Emulate Gov Sani Bello Over Our Death Trap Federal Roads?


This question ought to be answered, maybe you or me, but it will be good if we join our voices together and see how we can use the power of the media relate to those in power, see if they can savage our South East Federal roads.

It’s no news that our major federal roads in the South East are death traps and, has over the years neglected by the federal government, both past and the present haven’t made any move towards it.

This week #AbaCityBlogTheDebate comes from a request made by the Governor of Niger State, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, which he pleaded with the Federal Government to urgently do something about some federal road across Niger State which has posed as a death trap to the citizens of his State.

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The governor, according to reports expressed concern over the present condition of the road which is a Trunk A road, said something urgently needed to be done to address the situation.

He explained that the state government has made several efforts to maintain the road which did not yield the desired result.

According to Governor Bello, “It is absolutely necessary that the Federal Government through the Ministry of Works intervene as a matter of urgency. Ordinarily the journey from Minna to Abuja which is about 1 hour 30 minutes, now takes over three hours, resulting in discomfort, and waste of human resources.

“The road is causing severe injuries and deaths. The people voted us to see change not to see deaths. I am begging, Niger people are begging the federal government to fix Suleja-Minna road.” The governor added.

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Now, following the governor Bello’s plead to the federal government, has any of our south east lawmaker made such move? has anyone said something about; Enugu/Abia to Port Harcourt federal road? What about Aba to Ikot Ekpene/Calabar federal roads? and least we forget Onitsha to Enugu federal road.

These roads are major federal roads that has posed as a death trap to the citizens, mostly those in the south east.

Has any of our Governors, Senators, House of Reps raised any motion on this death trap roads?

Let’s relate, drop your comments let’s chat.

They said charity begins at home. But how many of our  lawmakers has done something worthy to emulate?

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This is #AbacityblogTheDebate….Share your own view via the comment box.

L-R: Other State Federal Roads and South East Federal Roads.

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  1. Kudos to Abacityblog team for bringing up this initiative, this is indeed a good move, wish others will support this and make it go viral


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