International Youth Conference: Senator Ben Murray-Bruce to storm Aba on 27th August


Aba, the Great Enyimba City will on 27th welcome Ben Murray-Bruce, a Senator representing the Bayelsa East constituency, in Bayelsa State, for the International Youth Day conference that is proposed by the Vision Alive Empowerment Foundation.

Murray-Bruce is the Founder of the Silver Bird Group and a common sense senator, we call him the Common Sense Senator, because that is one of his agenda, to put the common sense in the brain of, which our Youths are lacking and empower them to become useful to their self and the society.

He is a rare gem, no one will want to miss his speech.

His coming to Aba will base on the International Youth Day celebration, remember it was held yesterday worldwide, and the Youth of Aba also joined the league to tell the world that we are also part of the global uprising.

Though one may ask, what is the meaning of the International Youth Day, and what do I stand to benefit from it, well, here is the meaning of the International Youth Day, and why every Youth should take part in it:

1). International Youth Day is a global event that celebrates the creativity and innovative brio that young people contribute to the upward advancement of the society. It was initiated by the United Nations and is held annually on the 12th of August.

2). As we all know, The Youths make up the biggest percentage of the society, about 70 percent, and are affected mostly by 80 percent of every bill passed by the government. This haven’t had most positive impacts on even the backbone of the society which are the youth. The transition from education to employment has become almost impossible. Employment strategies are double suffocated by the increasing number of graduates on the streets wallowing, human resources wasting. Too many involved in deviant and criminal activities just to remain in the food chain.

3). Cities like ours, Aba, nonetheless have proven abortive in a much crystalized way. The youths within our bights have a very appreciative and innovative workforce that provides employment and livelihood, overriding most effects of our homicidal economy.

….And above statements, are some of the major reasons why people like:

– Senator Ben Murray-Bruce – Founder, Silverbird Group

– Ide J.C. Udeagbala – Chairman, JUdeagbala Holdings.

– Amb. George Obi – MD, SingeObi Group.

– Dr. Chioma Ojigwe – CEO, International Center for Vision and Healthcare.

Will be live in Aba, at Binez Hotels, located at Umungasi on 27th of August, educate and empower the youth with features like talk shows, seminars, motivational speeches, interactive sessions, entertainment(dance, drama, comedy, music) and mentorship opportunities.

You read that right? Now why don’t we the youth of Aba takes part in this and let’s represent ourselves physically and not letting anything hinder us from this global privilege the United Nations has provided us?
Of course, this is a one time opportunity that you wouldn’t dare to miss.
Time: 10 : AM
So, be there!


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