Aba, The Great Enyimba City, How Do You Think It Can Be restored?


Earlier this week Abacityblog founder, Onwukwe Ngozi was live on Rhema 93.3 FM Aba, on the Programme title: “ABA TODAY”, I spoke on the need to fix Aba the great Enyimba City, and how to restore the lost glory of the then “Japan of Afirca” and change the residents mindset.

The Programme was cool and educative, the Presenter Mr. Tony Agbanyim and my co-quest, Deputy Chairman of Aba South Local Government, Honourable Nnochim Kalu, we did well to educate the residents and throw more light on the need why they have to change their mindset and start loving their dear city.

It wasn’t all about fixing Aba, we also talked about littering dirty and blocking all the waterways over the beautiful city, making it stinking and uncomfortable for people who live in it, we received calls from people in the different rural areas of the city, they aired their views, they told us their regrets, they laid their complain and asked us to to talk to the government to do something about some of their major roads, especially their residential places.

But, the question is, can you tell us the right way to fix Aba? Because we all know that these recent governments vowed to take the responsibility of fixing the city roads, make it motorable and passable for the residents, they finally asked us to be patience, yes we should, because this is raining season and we have a to exercise patient.

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Recalling on what we spoke on the radio, Honourable Nnochim, talked about “Rome was not built in A Day”. He simply means everyone should be patient and wait while the government do their job.

Most of us are complaining, and yes! We have the right to complain, because this is a democracy, after all we voted for them, fixing our roads is their responsibility.
But what is your contribution as a resident? How have you made an impact to ensure government policies worked? If you were the governor, how can you fix the already spoilt Enyimba city roads? What do you have to say about the residents throwing refuse inside the gutter, blocking the waterways? what is your advice for the residents?
Let’s hear from you, drop your opinion inside the comment box.



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